End of a chapter, start of a new era

Today is my last day of my temp job and as I drag my lazy body to work, my mind was doing the happy dance that it is my last day.
The colleagues are nice so I analyzed it as to why I dread the job so much and it boils down to working hours. I start at 8 and end at 6 each day and I have to arrive 5 mins before 8 to switch on computers. It’s a 5.5 day week but being the comfortable corporate me means I almost always start work only at 9 and been 5 day week for past 8 years, so yes it is a challenge.
This job also required me to be on my feet 90% of the time and I realized my patience is low when dealing with old folks. Jus today I spent over an hour trying to tell an old man that our dept is not the right dept for his situation, he should call X number, but being old and probably having a tough time comprehending he couldn’t understand what I was saying. Another colleague took over then another, eventually a senior colleague managed to ease him gently out by repeating the steps he should take in a firm manner. He is a nice old man but coming 3 times in 2 mths won’t help the case, especially when we are not the right dept.
Then my fellow temp colleague bought me a bear! She wanted to give another colleague a 1.6 m bear but decided against it. I got a 90 cm bear pretty cute and I have named her Syah in memory of my colleague lol. I had to lug the bear to my job agency as the agency was like “You have to submit your timesheet today if not no pay will be credited to you in Feb (evil laughter)” ok these are not the exact words but the gist is the same.
Oh and I went to my pc to check out the layout and realized WordPress is pretty inflexible if you want to change the layout u have to pay. Gosh blogger is like way flexible and user friendly but blogger has no free app to blog so it is WordPress for now.

Actually, I am a little down today just got a call from Taf.tc that Club 21 didn’t select me for the internship sigh. The professional conversion program (PCP) comes with a 2 months internship if you are selected. So I went for the interview 2 wks ago, felt I did ok for the interview prayed like mad but didn’t get the job darn. I spoke with the HR and she said its due to the dept not needing any interns currently. However, she did recommend another dept which include warehouse (days with L started flashing in my head) and I asked if alot of physical climbing is involved but she said no just a little of picking clothes from carton, so I agreed and she mentioned she will send my profile to the other dept last evening. So how did it became a no so fast? I even ask Taf.tc if they are sure but the coordinator say yea so there goes my dreams of working in Club 21. Thankfully people at Taf.tc are really helpful and she managed to secure another interview for me. I just hope I can get selected *fingers crossed* Initially she told me interview is tomorrow, but I told her I am going away on a trip tomorrow morning so it’s schedule for 5th Feb and its my last chance gosh!

The thing is recently headhunters have been calling me with opportunities with high pay and it’s fairly tempting. I do need a stable income in view of my upcoming wedding and flat plans so it does makes me think should I not pursue this dream and just walk the slow boring stable income path. But unexpected things happen, and when you hear of young friends dying when they were so healthy and vibrant just last month, it reaffirms my belief that right time is now and better now than regrets later. So off to Vietnam I go and hope the wooden horse year will usher in my internship! I need this to work and may glory be to God and He plans and directs my life, Amen!



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