Eventful 初六

I really like this app it allows me to blog on the go because by the time i on my net book I will have forgotten my content. Just wish I can edit the layout more but well, you can’t have the best of both worlds.
This morning has been really eventful for me. I woke up with a rash on my face on the day of my second internship interview. Taftc has told me this is my last chance to secure an internship as the briefing of the course is tomorrow, so I ended up having nightmares of being late for my interview and having to take a cab from Jurong.
So I woke up early and horrors of horrors, I have a rash. Dumbo me went to try this new moisturizer yesterday and my sensitive skin is protesting now. I should have tried it like after my interview. So I tried to cover it as best as I could. I was super early for the interview and hang around the mall till 10 mins prior that’s when the events unfolded similar to my nightmare.
Lady at receptionist: are you sure you are at the right place. XX head office is in orchard.
Me: Orchard? The email from school says its here
Lady at receptionist: who are u looking for then?
Me: I don’t know. ( I was away on holiday so I didn’t had time to confirm the details with the school for this latest interview, I only had the address and date and time)

I called the school and the lady was on leave till next wk. gosh. The school told me they will call XX and get back to me again.

HR of XX then called me and informed that interview is indeed at orchard. I apologized profusely and proceed to rush there from city hall. While on the way my phone rang.
Guy from sch: I tried calling XX , the HR is not available
Me: that’s ok, they just called me. I am rushin to centrepoint
Guy from sch: are you sure that’s correct? Can you call them to confirm again?
Me: huh? You mean you guys don’t know where the correct place should be? Are you sure you want me to call the HR again? I just spoke to her like a min ago. I don’t want to be running around Singapore, you know
Guy from sch: ( Starts laughing) ok give me the number I will call
By then, I was a little pissed. Well in the first place you didn’t apologize for this, then you had the cheek to laugh at me?!
Luckily I managed to get a cab and appear at the interview. The lady from School also called and apologized to me about the mix up in address. The HR was really nice when I got there. She explained how it is not a glamorous job but desk bound. well I love desk bound after my stint with L, so I just really hope I can get selected this time. *fingers crossed*

They will confirm with the lady at the sch by end of today. Since the lady is on leave, I wonder if I will be informed by tomorrow in time for the briefing.
I hope so. Well of course sis have to pour a bucket of cold water when I told her about my predicament and said I shld just go back to my cushy job.

Well I don’t want to let such things get me down. At least I tried and if this journey is destined to be short then at least I tried my very best! Nobody is going to write my script of life for me. In the end, I will decide my life and the destiny God has in place for me. Corporate or Fashion, let God decide!


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