Busy Busy Busy!

School started and I have been incredibly busy yet exhilarating happy.
It is a very intensive course, but Taf.tc amazes me with the quality of lecturers and I am very happy that I have made the right choice to study here.
I heard MDIS Diploma in fashion design does not even have sewing lessons in their one year course. But how can you be a good designer if you don’t sew?
Here at Taftc, the first thing we learn is to sew a T-shirt. Sewing jersey is NOT easy even for someone with sewing background like me. Still, I am proud of my final efforts:)
Hmm I don’t know how the photo thing works from the app, hope the photo comes out ok.


The photo above is done from a group project. I also sewed a T-shirt and shorts, really proud of interlocking and elastic waistband. Can’t upload the photo here, so will post another.

Taf.tc is very intensive as we have to be 100% correct to be considered competent for WSQ modules. And this is no joke, meaning I have an assessment almost every Friday. It is an open book assessment and so far I am glad to be clearing the modules. My most stressful one is to complete sewing the jersey T-shirt in a given time with no holes. We only learn how to sew the T-shirt in 4 days!
But I guess it really helps in preparing you for the industry.

I went back to work for F, so Sat means endless time at the bridal workshop. I LOVE IT! But there is a dilemma as designers don’t get paid well in the beginning and due to my upcoming flat, I need to get at least a 2K job when I graduate.. So far, I have been trying not to think about what’s going to happen after I graduate. An assistant buyer will probably have better prospects and starting pay, so it’s really a toss up between dreams and bread on the table.

Well, I will leave it to God and just let His will be done.

An already very blessed girl to have known the various lecturers and classmates 🙂


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