Time really flies!

Well it’s already the month of May and I will be graduating at end of the month. Time really flies and I am left with my last 3 modules. Really excited about the last module as we will be presenting our design collection and will be wearing one of our design creation as part of our assessment.

Of course upon graduation, I will be faced with the task of finding employment. WDA requires me to fulfill at least 5 months in the fashion industry and I am given a certain time frame to find the job. Hopefully, the internship company that I am with will have vacancy and offer me a position when I finish the internship. I have been debating between finding a position as a designer or as a asst merchandiser/buyer. Unfortunately, designers positions are few in Singapore. My recent project also gave me a taste of how the real working world is like when I was tasked to come up with a design collection in 3 days and in a category which I have never designed before. After Lots of nail biting pressure and late nights, I managed to come up with the presentation, but it did get me thinking whether this is something I really want to be doing for the long term.
Personally, I really want to do haute couture and I think the closest I can do that will be working in a bridal studio. Sadly, F have hired a full timer and thus I am no longer working part-time at her workshop.
I will put together my portfolio and start sending out resume next month. Gosh! Life is really taking a turn 🙂

I am including a blouse that I have sewn and will be gifting the blouse to my friend tomorrow



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