Asia Fashion Week

The past week has been really fun as it is Asia Fashion Week. Once a year, holds the Asia Fashion Summit and Audi Star Creation Competition. This year Oscar De La Renta is showing a whopping 72 pieces for the closing show. I wish I can be there but the tickets are alas too pricey for a poor student like me.

Still the school has kindly arrange for us to attend the summit. The Summit runs for 3 days and workshops at Blueprint run concurrently. On the first day, we get to learn about retail challenges from Veteran Industry professionals and what they are doing to counter it.

Korea is really on the rise with the influx of Korean designers spurred by hallyu and Korean fashion being sought after once it is shown in dramas. In fact, Hermes reported a sold out of its premium capes once it is featured in top Korean drama of the moment 「來自星星的你」 Sorry I have to use Chinese as I don’t know the Korean title of this drama, but it roughly translate as you who come from the stars. The capes did not sell prior to the drama as its not inline with Korean culture. However, once it was featured, it sold out the next day. You can see the power of celebrity endorsements here!

But I digress. So I attended the Audi Star Creation 2014. The designers were very good and the top 3 winners went to Korea, Hong Kong and China. In particular, I loved the Korean winner’s designs. The theme was utilitarian and it featured menswear with lots of functional pockets and backpacks. Unsurprisingly, the Korean designer also took top honors as Audi awarded him as their favorite winner.

Pictures are not fantastic due to my lousy camera phone.



Yesterday I attended the capsule collection of Audi star winners 2013. Yes, not only do the winner win one year internship with FJ Benjamin Group but they get to show a capsule collection a year after. How cool is that?
The 2 winners from Vietnam and China showed their collection. I really loved the China designer, Ms Chen Sujin. I find her designs embodies the playfulness of summer yet incorporates the latest trends of peekaboo tops (yes they are hot this season!) and minimalist 90s look. Do check out her capsule collection at blueprint

I am including some videos I took yesterday.(Pls pardon the low quality, was really envying the Note3 ppl >_<)
Ok too optimistic here, the video press plugin is not free, lol! I shall continue with pictures instead.

There I have done it, finished my post on my way to school. I know it's a Saturday, I have an assessment and a wedding to attend later where I will be wearing my own creation =)

If you are reading this today, fret not as Singapore fashion week ends this Sunday, so you can still step out in Fashion this weekend and be at Blueprint or the closing Fashion show! ^^ I will blog about Blueprint separately, looking forward to attending it tomorrow.



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