Accept what is, Let go of what was, and have faith in what could be

I graduated last Tuesday and am in my internship now. The past week has been a flurry of activity, hence the lack of posts. Well there was a last minute change in my school schedule due to allowin us to attend fashion week, hence assessment was postponed to 26th May. However, I have already booked my trip to Taipei and HK. ( booked this month ago when I felt so drained over this intensive course, and I booked it for 25th thinking I can fly off as soon as the assessment was over, jus tell you things don’t go as planned)
The school allowed me to delay my assessment till I’m back and my trainer kindly agreed to come back specially for my assessment.
Thus came the mad rush of finishing my garment, was sewing till 1am before boarding my plane at 8 the next day.
Spent lots of time catching up with friends and a lovely half day at the fabric market in Taipei, marveling at varieties and lower cost of fabrics. I went a little over budget buying stuff back. Then it was off to HK for a brief stopover. I discovered my hotel was walking distance to Sham Sui Po( their major fashion and trims wholesale district), so I decided to hoove it there.
My only regret was not enough cash..Silly me thought that since its a 2D1N stopover SGD50 should be enough, boy was I wrong!
I forgot to take into account the transport fees which took up a large chunk of my $50 and most shops in Sham Sui Po don’t accept credit cards. Thus in the end, armed with many free fabric swatches but not much lovely fabric which I really wanted to buy.
Guess I will have to save up and make a buying trip next time.
In Taiwan, I picked up this book. It was so gd but I was on my save money campaign by then and my friend dissuaded me from buying it. Still I went back at midnight on Wed to get the book before I fly out to HK and I am really glad I did it.
The book is titled “Be so Good that others can’t ignore you.” What sets this apart is that the author debunks the myth of finding your passion and chasing for the dream job. Wait a minute, hasn’t my life been like this up to this point?
Rather the author proposes becoming so good at what you do and thus creating enough career capital such that you create your passion in the job, because you have become so good at it. I really wished I read the book sooner.

I must put a disclaimer that I am in no way related to the author and doesn’t not have any endorsement fees for this, just purely think it is a good read.
I finished the book last wkend and lent it to another friend who is considering a career change.
When I got to the chapter on the law of financial viability my heart sank, hence the title of my blog post.
It talked about how you need to have skills that are rare and valuable that people are willing to pay you for. If your idea does not have anyone to pay you for it and you find yourself having to supplement your idea with other forms of income, then maybe it’s not a good idea move on. Unfortunately, at the point of reading the book, I have already quit my job and have embarked on this career switch with a new diploma and my current internship.
I started questioning myself, “Did I made a wrong choice?” It’s a pertinent question as currently 8mths into being unemployed which is a little longer than my original plan, my bank account is dwindling. I still have savings which are more for rainy days that I prefer it be kept for those occasions.
Thus recently I started thinking of ways to supplement my income. Thoughts like putting stuff on etsy for sale or local flea markets and even writing e-books on amazon have crossed my mind. However the internship and my recent graduation work have kept me busy, so I have not really figured out what is the best way to supplement my income.
So why am I in this financial state? Well I started out with the PCP which gives me a 1K allowance each month. This money then goes immediately to my insurance commitments, as I am stubbornly resisting a premium holiday until it is absolutely necessary.
Thus I have to come up with living expenses from my savings. Initially, the plan was to go for PCP in nov hence starting internship in Feb and completing it by Apr. as you can see my plans were delayed by my turn at L’s company (check my earlier posts for more details) thus now I am behind my planned time for this career change.
Adding to this, my last cheque has not arrived from school. Turns out the last cheque is only released upon completion of my final assessment. Since my assessment is delayed, so is my allowance. And with this holiday which a month ago seems like a good idea, May jus suddenly become a financially tight month for me. Coupled with my god sis getting married and me signing up for a draping course with a renowned Japanese designer.

Still, really excited to be going for the course next week and hope I can develop my skills more as a fashion designer. More posts next week.
Until then, accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what could be this is from a wonderful article my fellow intern send me this morning from


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