Internship and the job search begins

Well I have started my internship, quite blessed to be in this company. I actually don’t have much to do as my supervisor is too busy to even delegate stuff to me, so most of the time I keep going around asking people for work.
Still, I am learning things and glad to be there.

My classmate is in an internship where it reminds me alot of L’s company, thus just grateful to be in a bigger company with more structure.

Impatient me has started my job hunt and getting a little dejected with the lack of interviews. I know it’s very early into the job search, but in the past I am blessed to find a job fairly quickly due to my language skills.

I did get an interview with a job agency but I can tell the whole time they are jus trying to sound out if I can go into another industry. The agent even tell me to look for them should I finish my bond and want to look for something else. I also turned down a job opportunity that is high paying, which got me kinda low spirits thinking my future job is probably gonna be $1.8K-$2.5K.

However, I am reminded of another lady who quit her high paying corporate job and started her food business on wheels. She shared she is getting maybe only a tenth of what she used to earn but that is so much more satisfaction.

Today I thought of maybe revamping my resume and cutting out all my past experience and just put fashion related ones. But it’s kind of drastic and I will probably used that only for applyin design posts.

I’ve been looking through portfolios on this website it’s really interesting to see how people present their portfolios and I am trying to beef up mine. One drawback of the diploma in fashion technology course is that they don’t teach you much on fashion illustration. Thus my illustration skills are still the same as 10 yrs ago, what I have learned in my short course in nafa.
Gosh has it really been 10 years?!
How come I feel that my skills have not improved much? Gosh gotta really work hard to bring my skills up to the next level and that can only be achieved through deliberate practice.


This is what I have done for my final collection, not my best work I feel, but still happy to get it done. I am gonna make further improvements on it when time permits.

Today my fellow intern told me I should sew my own wedding gown and I am like no way! My skills are nowhere near. Then she told me to try google. So I did and to my amazement people really post step by step on how to sew evening gowns.

I found this really cool blog and she detailed step by step on sewing the evening gown and even recommended patterns to buy. I was so inspired I even went to spotlight to have a look at the patterns and spotlight is having a sale, so I am gonna go again tomorrow to have more time sifting all nice patterns. Well I really want to learn how to sew boning and make gowns. Found a Facebook page in Singapore offering private sewing lessons but a bit wary about the level of the teachers as the finish garments posted on the website is not really impressive. Still they are very affordable, so I may try them out. It will be good to have someone to coach me on this.

I did ask Taftc whether they will start an evening wear class but alas it seems the government doesn’t provide subsidy for that, maybe it’s not such a popular field, so there is no industry demand currently.

I am thinking more n more that bridal and eveningwear is a field I want to specialize in. Raffles design diploma course does cover that but it is so expensive and I don’t think I want to spend another 2 years income less.

So the only thing is practice and more trial and error to perfect my skills. I am also planning to intern at bridal studios once my internship is over, while looking for a job. Wish me luck!


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