Evening gown sewing patterns

After what the fellow intern shared about googling on how to sew an evening gown, I was really intrigued. So I thought of buying a paper pattern and trying to attempt one. Thus rush down during lunch hour to spotlight and spent time poring over vogue, McCall, burda and simplicity patterns. Simplicity patterns were on sale 4 for Sgd12 but I really wanted to concentrate on gowns and evening wear and their designs were not really nice. Vogue was the best but cost a bomb and I think I will be better off buying it online.

I settled for some burda paper patterns but looking at it jus made me feel like I can do the patterns on my own and seems silly to fork out $20 to get them. Still I am happy I found the exact dress pattern that I have been eyeing very long from this local designer shop and now I have a better idea how to make it. Will put that on my list of projects to attempt.

I also tried to find places that teach couture techniques but none available in Singapore. I kinda toyed with the idea of going back to my school in Taiwan for a 3 month course, it’s so much cheaper. My Shingo sato draping course for 5 days next week cost almost the same as the 3 month course, but that will mean I need to stay 3 months in Taiwan, so money and visa is an issue. Will talk more about couture sewing techniques in a separate post


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