Transformational Draping Workshop by Shingo Sato

This week has been really intensive for me. I signed up for Shingo Sato’s Transformational Draping workshop or TR for short. My school specially invited him over to Singapore. I’ve always been interested in draping and have taken courses in Lasalle and Taiwan, thus was keen when my teacher mentioned this course to me.
Honestly, prior to the workshop I had no idea who Shingo sato was, so I googled him. He is very famous and have a YouTube channel that shows videos of TR cutting patterns. He also lectures at Parsons and Bunka Fashion College. His works are wow.
However, the price tag of the workshop is a hefty SGD 1250 even after government grant. As it is a WSQ course, they changed the name of the workshop to some really long and fancy sounding one, but the content is the same.
Now into day 4 and soon the last day in a few hours time, I must say it is money well spent. I really enjoyed his class. Though his Japanese accented English may be a bit hard to understand sometimes, but he shows you videos and explains in a step-by-step manner.
I was awed the first day to know that my classmates are mostly lecturers from nafa, Lasalle, Temasek polytechnic and ITE. Not to mention some local designers and my trainer fr Taftc. However as the week progress, I am able to catch up so I don’t feel so stress. I’ve probably done the most sewing this week and at a fast speed, probably the fastest I’ve ever sewn.
Usually after Shingo sato shows the technique then off you go to cut your fabrics and sew it up. Due to time constraints, we usually only do half a bodice, which is really fine. I think I will die if I have to sew the entire bodice in the short time.
Here are some of my works up to the 4th day ^_^


See the 3D shape?


The 3D pocket


Heart with Ribbon sash tied two ways




One of my favorites!

There are still many more but I didn’t had time to take everything on the mannequin. Shingo sato will be having his one day introductory workshop at Bunka Fashion college sometime in Aug I think. If you are an aspiring designer or student who loves geometrical 3D Draping, do check out his workshop.
On a side note, found out from the local designer in my class that Bunka has summer classes. Checked it out today really interesting but it’s during end Jul and early Aug where I still have my internship, so probably next year when I am financially more stable too =)

Sew More, Learn More


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