The ‘No Poo’ Hair experiment- Day 2

Well I wake up this morning and my hair looks really good. It’s a little dry at the ends so I added some hair serum to the ends. Other than that, it looks great. There was a little itch on the scalp last night and I wonder if its due to me not rinsing out the ACV well enough.
I did more research last night and there are accounts that the hair may look great for 2 weeks n then it will be bad, so hopefully not.
I don’t know if baking soda will harm the hair anot. Some say it doesn’t, as the Apple cider vinegar rinse will balance it out, but some say it makes the hair more porous and brittle in the long run so time will tell. Hopefully it doesn’t damage my hair.
It seems the water hardness also plays a factor into whether this will be successful anot. Your water can’t be too hard and if it is, I read a suggestion to boil it with the baking soda first and wait for it to cool down then use it as per usual.
Also, it seems more suitable for those who don’t wash their hair every day. Under this experiment, you are supposed to wash your hair every 3-4 days. I will update again in a few weeks to see if my hair improves


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