The Art of Analyzing a Job Offer

I’ve found a job! 2 weeks ago, suddenly I had a few interviews to go and was really lucky to receive 2 job offers and finally accepted with one company.
Prior to that, there was a lot of nail biting when placed in that dilemma of which company to choose that I decided to write this post.

When the company first offer you a job, don’t be inclined to accept right on the spot. Rather, let them know you will think about it. Tell them nicely and reiterate that you are very enthusiastic about the firm, just that you need some time to consider or discuss with your partner or family.

At that time, I was waiting for the other company A to get back to me. Actually, I had no idea the other company will offer, but I just wanted to ensure I’m totally out of their hiring process before I accept with company B.

So imagine my surprise and dilemma when Company A offered as well. I decided to sit down and analyze both offers. I searched online for several methods but I really like this one best.

Make a list of Pros and Cons for each company. What you like about the company and what you are hesitant about that company. E.g: one of the Pros can be reputable company and one of the Cons can be long commute.
Then score each Pro and each con on a scale of 1-10 on how important that factors is to you.
Total up the Pros and Cons column and subtract them. The final score is the score for that company.


– Reputable Company – 9
– Career Prospects – 8
– Office Hours – 7
Total: 24

– Office Politics – 7
– Long Commute – 6
Total: 13

Final score: 24-13= 11

I liked this method as it made me realise that though there are a lot of Pros for Company B, there are also alot of Cons in my perspective which in effect resulted in a lower total score for Company B. I really liked Company B’s stuff, however it’s a small company and there’s a need to work retail hours. Thus there were more uncertainties with the job. On the other hand, Company A seems like a safer choice.

After discussing with the Partner, I decided to accept Company A’s offer, though the overall package is actually lower than my expected pay. Well, I guess I could have tried negotiating for a higher pay, but my bad experience with L who developed very high expectations of me after I asked for a higher starting pay also made me cautious and I just want to complete my job search.

I’m actually quite apprehensive and really hope I made the right decision. After making my decision, I called Company B immediately to inform them and I’m glad the boss was really nice about it.

Looking back, I must say I am very blessed to have found a job so soon. I have expected the job search to take some time and was getting dejected.
It’s not a job in design which I initially wanted to go into. There are very few design jobs in Singapore and lately I have also been questioning myself that would I be happy if I went with a design job? I guess I won’t know, the declining bank balance and impending flat payments made me just choose this job in the end, rather than keep holding out for a design job.

So a new journey will begin next month!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chel
    Oct 21, 2014 @ 09:08:31


    I will be joining taftc for their upcoming intake. Like you, I also made a career switch. Just wondering does your current job offers much design aspect with regards to fashion?

    I am so worried I can’t find a job after taftc. How do I find jobs that’s is like more bridal, or rtw?


    • ashiu77
      Oct 26, 2014 @ 13:02:03

      My current job doesn’t have any design aspect unfortunately. It’s mainly merchandising. There’s not much design jobs in Singapore and the pay is slightly on the low side. I think you will have to have a good portfolio to apply for design jobs. If you are interested in bridal, you can try interning at bridal studios first, it will at least give you a start.


  2. kelly
    Dec 12, 2014 @ 15:11:03

    Hi, im thinking of a career change and joining the pcp at taftc.
    What was your career/job before taking up the course?
    For merchandising job, what is the jobscope like?
    Do you have any ex-classmates who havent found any job since graduating?
    Im very concerned if cant find job. Thanks!


    • ashiu77
      Dec 13, 2014 @ 13:50:53

      Hi I used to be an account manager before the career switch. Honestly I am planning to go back to my previous job as the pay cut is a huge challenge for me and I’m having difficulty sustaining. I do have some classmates who has not found a job yet, but I think it’s not that difficult to find a job as long as you have reasonable salary expectations and don’t mind the long hours. Job wise, it depends on the type of company you r in. For me, I compile a lot of reports and the seasonal catalogues, propose pricing and coordinate the shipments. I also handle repair requests and liaise with the supplier. And I have to help out at the retail outlets on an ad-hoc basis.


  3. jasin
    Jan 17, 2015 @ 08:55:21


    Thanks for your sharing ^^

    Its really informative.

    By the way, Do you have any tips to face internship interview for PCP?

    You got 2 month internship with M&S is it?

    Kind of curious what kind of question that they aks.


    • ashiu77
      Jan 28, 2015 @ 05:57:17

      I think just read up about the company, do some research about the position what the job scope is like so you can show your interviewer you have a gd understanding abt the company and the job. Be positive and enthusiastic helps.

      Ya my internship was with M & S. Just ask me more about why I want to pursue fashion, what do I think the job scope will be like.

      All the best!


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