The ‘No Poo’ Hair Experiment- Day 8

It’s Day 8 of my hair experiment, still not really successful thus far. There’s only one day where I made it to not washing for 3 days but most of the times, 2 days were max for me. And I wonder is it because I’m in hot and humid Singapore. You jus tend to perspire more.
I also miss the feeling of squeaky clean hair. My hair is starting to turn really dry at the length, but still greasy at the roots. Yikes!


This pic is taken after 2 days of non-wash


But you can see the sides actually look normal and dry.

I read in some blogs that the hair goes through some re-calibrating phase for the first 2 weeks where your hair alternate between super dry and super greasy, so I really hope this is the case.
I’m gonna try another 3 weeks. I think one month is a realistic length for the experiment, and if it still doesn’t work, maybe ‘No Poo’ is just not for me.
On the plus side, I did notice less hair fall in the shower. Not sure if it is a result of No Poo or just the fact that I’m washing my hair less so less breakage?

Have you tried ‘No Poo’?
Do share your experiences with me.

Have a great week ahead! 🙂


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