The ‘No Poo’ Hair Experiment- Day 15

It’s Day 15, halfway through my ‘No Poo’ Experiment. The scalp seems to have calm down a little and I managed to reduce my hair washings to 4 times a week. However I did notice the hair will be like hay right after washing, though it tends to get better as it dries out and looks ok the next day.

For the dry ends, I massage a little hair serum into the ends. Most blogs advocate coconut oil or jojoba, but I just decided to use whatever I had on hand. I did check the label to ensure it doesn’t contain any silicones, apparently that will interfere with the No poo method. The hair actually does look better and requires very little styling. When I wake up, it curls nicely and I jus have to comb and get to work.
But I realized you have to let the hair air dry properly and thoroughly. And now I have change it slightly to just using ACV on the length of the hair instead of pouring it over the head.

Up till now I am still a bit ambivalent on whether I will continue this when the month is up. Reason being Singapore is super hot and humid, so I sometimes do miss the feel of shampoo clean hair. But I also want to find a method to tackle the scalp, so I will try another 2 weeks and see how it goes.


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