The ‘No Poo’ Hair Experiment- Day 24

I have decided to stop.

Or rather, I’ve decided to stop the baking soda/ACV rinse. I couldn’t get past how damaged and tangly my hair felt right after using the rinse. Although once it’s dry, it’s ok. I started googling whether baking soda/ACV rinse damages hair and there’s two different camps on this. Some says it does, some says it doesn’t. You are maybe doing the rinse too often or using too much baking soda etc.

But what got me intrigued is this post

The blogger wrote that initially it worked for her but 3 years down the road, the method starts damaging her hair. I started googling whether anyone used the baking soda/ACV rinse beyond 3 years and I couldn’t find any or maybe they simply stop posting. There’s a lady who no poo for 5 years but she doesn’t do the baking soda/ACV rinse often, maybe once a month if I remember correctly. So I was starting to have doubts.

But what really made me threw in the towel was this morning. I noticed my hair is showing significant hair loss. I don’t know whether it was there in the past, but it wasn’t so obvious.


Pardon the hair, it looks a bit icky as I haven’t wash it for 2 days.

But I’ve come so far with not using shampoo and I really don’t want to just give up at this point. I am going to try another no poo method tonight. At this point, I’m undecided on whether I shall try a homemade shampoo recipe or use a cleansing conditioner, so I will update again.

Have you No Poo before? Do share your experience with me.

Happy mid-week! ^^


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