The ‘No Poo’ Hair Experiment- The End

I ended my hair experiment yesterday when I caved and used my clarifying shampoo. Well after I stop using baking soda/ACV rinse, I tried to find another alternative but as I was busy, I settled with a cleansing conditioner that was sulfate and silicone free.

The cleansing conditioner I used was L’oreal Evercreme cleansing conditioner.


Initially, I was a bit hesitant as the bottle states that its for Dry Hair. However, I googled and found a user who has oily scalp like me raving about the product so I gave it a try.

It has this strong coconut smell that personally I am not a fan of. It almost drove me nuts. The thing is the ingredients does not contain coconut oil so I suspect it’s the fragrance. It dried out well, but the next day my hair started having this waxy feeling and it felt dirty. By the end of the day, I just desperately want to get home to wash my hair again.

The coconut smell was so strong that right after I shampooed my hair, it starting wafting out again. Thankfully, today there’s no more coconut smell left.

Since I bought a whole bottle, I guess I have to give it another try again later on. It feels such a waste to just throw it away. I will say try it, if you have dry hair and are a fan of coconut smell.

I can feel that the baking soda wash really did a number on my hair. My hair now feels too dry. Previously I can get by without using conditioner as I have short hair, but these past 2 days using both the cleansing conditioner and the shampoo made me realized how dry my hair has become over the past month.

I am still gonna try some other no poo alternatives in future. I was intrigued by rye flour homemade shampoo but alas, could not find any rye flour in the local supermarkets yesterday, so in the end I had to use my shampoo. Wait till I get my hands on the ingredients for the homemade shampoo recipes, then I will update again 🙂


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