The ‘No Poo’ Hair experiment- Phase 2

Well like what I said in my earlier post, I finally got my hands on rye flour, found it in a supermarket 😀


This is what I am using, the supermarket only had this, but when I came home it turns out this Brand is quite widely used by other No Poo-ers yay!

I have been washing my hair with rye flour shampoo for 3 weeks now and feel its an adequate time to give an update.

Washing with Rye flour is easy but more time consuming. I can’t pre-mix it like baking soda. I never tried, I fear it will be rancid if kept more than a day.

The steps are simple:

1) Just use 2-3 tablespoons of rye flour and I always sieve with a tea strainer. (Some bloggers say it reduces the efficacy of the cleaning power, but I don’t want to have flakes in my hair)

2) Mix in warm water until it becomes a consistency of shampoo-like form.

3) Wash your scalp as per usual. You don’t need to wash the length of your hair with it. When you rinse the Rye flour shampoo off, your hair will get rinsed in it too.

4) Rinse thoroughly else your scalp will itch.

5) follow with apple cider vinegar solution on hair length. ( I use 2 tablespoons in 500ml water bottle and pre-mix it, then just pour enough over my hair length each time)

6) Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Compared to baking soda, rye flour is not so drying after the wash. However it doesn’t cut the grease as well as baking soda (maybe due to the tea strainer sieve) so I do find that I have to wash my hair twice in the shower, when my hair is greasier. I usually wash my hair on every other day and today I finally manage to progress to putting off washing till the 3rd day, so either my scalp is getting used to no poo or its due to the cooler weather recently, less humid and less perspiration maybe?

Anyway, I also decided to invest in a Boar bristle brush that many No poo-ers talked about. I couldn’t afford the higher end ones, so thought of buying Kent boar bristle brush. They are sold jn Watson’s singapore stores at around $26.90. I then found a cheaper taiwanese brand and ordered one online. But by some bad luck, the online seller made a mistake and sent me the wrong brush.


You can see it looked really different. It’s also a boar bristle brush but a cylindrical shape which I do not like. He seller apologized and I have to return the wrong item and he will resend the right one. Then I discovered Muji, a Japanese lifestyle store in Singapore sells it too and around the same price as the online one! So I couldn’t wait anymore and bought the muji one.


It doesn’t says boar bristle just pig bristle but I guess should be around the same right? So in the end I spent more than a Kent boar bristle brush. So much for wanting to save money. >_<

Happily, I brushed it just now. I haven't washed my hair for 2 days, usually it will be super greasy but today after brushing, it looks quite nice right? Even a little glossy.


Quite happy with the investment. I read from blogs it’s recommended to have 2 brushes so you can wash one after brushing and use the other one.

Benefits of Boar bristle Hair brush:
1. Pulls down the grease from scalp to ends of hair. The bristles are quite closely packed and hence is effective from distributing the oils right down to hair ends, giving hair a glossy look

2. Promotes blood circulation as it massages the scalp and you have healthier hair

3. Boar bristles are close to human hair so there is less static. For the vegetarians, I read that some of them use bamboo brush from Body shop, though I have not tried it.

Well prior to the boar bristle brush and this spurt of cool weather, my hair gets very greasy by day 2. It’s weird
, day 1 feels dry and looks super fine and it felt like the hair can continue to day 3, but when I wake up on day 2, it just becomes super greasy and I have to dust it with some talcum powder to absorb the grease and make it look presentable.

There are some days I felt so self conscious and hope my new colleagues won’t notice it. So I started dousing it with some powder the night before and when I wake up, it’s all gone and looks dry and the hair doesn’t look white from the powder.

Some tips I gathered from washing with rye flour shampoo:

1) Use finely ground rye flour. If you use the coarse type you end up with flakes in your hair

2) sieve the flour with a tea strainer. Though some says it reduces the cleaning efficacy, but there are others who says it makes it easier to dissolve the flour. And for some who didn’t sieve the flour, they constantly had flakes falling out of their hair. I didn’t want that to happen to me so I never tried the un sieve version. If you had tried it do let me know.

3) You have to use a conditioner. Either an all natural one like honey, argan oil, coconut oil or apple cider mix. At first I thought the apple cider mix is causing my hair to be quite dry, so I tried it without the ACV and it’s worse. I have yet to find a better conditioner to replace ACV. Please do tell me if you are using another option for conditioning as I feel ACV is not really suitable for me.

4) Use a boar bristle brush for the in-between days. You can use it on the day right before your no-poo wash then the next day morning when your hair is dry. Never use the brush when your hair is wet.

That’s all. This blog has some great tips on caring for your boar bristle brush too!


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