Chanel Resort Collection 2016

I am a huge fan of Coco Chanel and read her biography and also watched a few movies. My favorite is still the one portrayed by French actress, Audrey Tautou. There’s been lots of rumors swirling around Mademoiselle Chanel some ranging from her being a spy to her long string of lovers. For me, I loved how she started a fashion house in an era when it was dominated by men, think Yves Saint Laurent, Dior etc. 

Mademoiselle Chanel brought forth lots of chances in her time. She created the LBD, got rid of corsets, and created the first riding habit for ladies, so that they no longer have to ride astride horses. The Chanel style is quintessentially classic. From the classic tweed suits, to nautical stripes (which are back in vogue), Chanel No. 5 and of course who can forget the 2.55?

I have yet to be able to own a classic Chanel piece but I do desire to purchase a bag one day. Currently, I am limited to their fragrance and lip gloss. The latter being a gift from my friend. 

Enough of my love of Chanel, (I can go on and on) Today I want to blog about their latest Resort Collection 2016. In the past Haute Coutre houses only have Spring Summer and Autumn Winter seasons. However, with the evolution of time and fast changing consumer tastes, some of the Houses started to see a need to launch a resort collection. No longer do the elite clientele have to wait 6 months for the next season, but they now have something that they can wear to resorts or cruise during the in-between months.

Resort collection usually is a more casual collection and consists of lightweight materials, with a loungewear feel, perfect for sashaying around resorts I think. 

The Chanel Resort Collection 2016 delighted me. Karl Lagerfield chose to show in Seoul this year and encompasses elements of the Korean theme which is so prevalent now in this side of the Far East. Perhaps also riding on the K-pop wave that has taken the most of Asia by storm,  the result is a nice, fun airy style. I particularly loved how he gave the traditional Korean garment, the hanbok a modern twist. I did had a similar idea almost 9 yrs ago, but alas my ideas were limited to sketches and not able to bring it to fruition. 

Here are some of my favorite looks in this collection. 


Keeping the silhouette , yet updating it to a modern feel

You can see the detailing in this deceptively simple garment. While some designers chose to go really sheer this year (think Ellie Saab), I love how Karl still retains a sense of modesty for the women. In this garment, though the top is sheer, however the light chiffon bottom with the black sash, gives the model an airy, elegant look. 


a little different from the classic tweed but loved the melting pot of colors

I once watched a Chanel documentary during my schooling days at TAFtc and you will be amazed at how the Coutriers worked in the Chanel House. Sometimes they may be driven almost mad by Karl’s sudden bursts of inspiration prior to the show, but their skill and dedication brings each collection to fruition. Even the trims of the tweed jackets are hand woven by an elderly French lady in the outskirts of France. 

yet another flowy colourful coutre piece

 A gorgeous tweed ensemble wove the Korean characters for “Chanel,” “camellia,” and “Cambon” into an elusive pattern.  

I got the above from the review on but I must confess I really can’t tell which tweed ensemble had the characters, it must be really elusive :p

Nonetheless, below is one of the suit looks that I liked. The classic black and white ensemble can never go wrong. This one is done particularly well, with the black detailing emphasize on the collars, the pockets, the sleeves and the placket. The tiny chain usually sewn in Chanel’s tweed jacket to weigh the jacket down is given a twist here and shown in an exaggerated size, which gives the jacket a slight rocker feel.


black sheer dress embrodiered with the flowers symbolic of Korea


As mentioned earlier, I love how Designer Karl is still keeping with the sheer trend so dominant on the runways this season, yet retains modesty for the women. Thus it’s not so in your face unlike some of the stars gowns at recent Met Ball (think Beyoncé & Kim Kardasian) and gives a subtle sense of sensuality. 

love the sequins details

So thus end my favorite looks, and what better way to end off than with a nice pic of Karl himself with his fav god son, Hudson Kroenig and Famous Korean Model Park Soo Joo 

And the finale

All Photos courtesy of except that of Coco Chanel from Google images


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