Busy June

I’ve been really busy for past two months. May was like a roller coaster month, for those who couldn’t read my earlier mandarin post, my dad is diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, thus a lot of time in May was spent in hospital. It also anchored my belief that you have to live life with no regrets and do pursue any dreams that you may have. Since starting this blog, I have lost three uncles and my grandma to cancer.. The cancer gene seems very prevalent in my family, hence I do take precautions and go for my daily checkups.

In my dad case, it is quite sad as he could have detected it earlier and early detection of colon cancer have a higher survival rate. However, as with old folks he have an inate fear of the hospitals and simply refuse to go till it’s too late. June is filled with my wedding preparations. It is a bittersweet feeling and I really hope my dad will still be around during my wedding in November.

There are many instances where I get frustrated with my parents and family and ever more so when this crisis strikes and opinions differ in the wedding preparations.

However, they are my family. As a priest once said to me, my parents are old and there won’t be many more days left that I can spend with them. Thus I try to be more patient and show that I care for them. It’s difficult to verbalise love in my family, being Asian. And I try to show it through my actions. 

Have you told your loved ones that you love them today or care for them through your actions?

Don’t wait till it’s too late.


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