Things you should never say to a customer

I think being in any industry be it sales or service line, there are certain things you should never say to your customer. It only adds fire to the oil. Maybe you are reading this and thinking “nope it doesn’t relate to me.” But I think it’s applicable to all situations. You can swop the word “customer” and use your boss, the people you meet on the street or your co-workers.

I thought of this blog post as I was still quite pissed by the shitty attitude I got last week from my bad customer experience. I initially wan to post a facebook status, but I think I need a full blog to cover it. If you don’t really wish to read a rant, I just you stop here and click the X on your dialog box.

So before I dive straight in, I will give you a bit of background to what happened. I am going for photoshoot this Wednesday and thought maybe I should go get a manicure done. I hardly go for such things. So mentioned this during lunch with my friend and she told me there was a shop in the mall itself where we are having lunch, so I went to have a look.

I opt for the classic manicure which they told me will take 30 mins. That’s great as I still have to get back to work. Then the lady took out a promotion saying for both mani and pedi it’s $39.90. I told her I was wearing covered heels and don’t think a pedi is possible. She suggested that I top up $5 for the express dry top coat and it can be done. Ok fine I took that. That’s when the problem started. Initially I enquired abt nail art as well and she said it was $3 onwards. So while I happily picked out my nail design, she said that design is $6 per finger plus $10 as its French manicure plus another x Amt because the French manicure is not white color. Mind you there is no price on the catalogue of designs, it’s just an iPad. I got lost with the varied top ups tt I need, to get my desired design that I told her to jus stick with the classic manicure instead. At this point she walked off. Maybe she didn’t see me as such a potential customer after all. 

Then come the horror, when I am done with my pedicure. The manicurist asked if I brought my slippers. I told her no I am wearing heels as what I told the in charge from the start. She has doubt in her eyes when she tell me, yes probably it will be fine, but if it does get smudged you can come back to redo. My office is in the east and I am not going to come back raffles place anytime soon, but they already asked me to pay halfway through my manicure so I left.

Sure enough, before I even exit the mall, I felt the nails were smudging. I went back up and by then was quite pissed. I told them Pls don’t sell me a service that does not work for me. They promised to redo and the in charge, Ivy went off before I can even speak with her. After it’s done, I too lost confidence and told them it’s gonna smudge once I wear my heels. The manicurist then suggest I wrap my feet in plastic bags?! I told her it’s impossible to go back to my office in plastic bags…. To cut a long story short, I spend 1.5 hours in the shop, the problem can’t be resolved and I had to make another trip down the next day to redo my nails wearing slippers.

I got them to get Ivy to call me since she is nowhere to be found and did not even bring her hp along. They have no number to call the boss apparently, I don’t know how they contact the boss if something urgent occurs…

And when Ivy called, she top the list of things you should never tell your customer hence this post.

1. Don’t tell the customer it’s their fault

 Customers do not really want to hear that when things go wrong. Ivy response to me was, ” So what? No one forced you to buy this package. You were in a rush so the nails didn’t dry properly.”

Hey I bought this and topped up only because you tell me it can be done even though I was wearing heels. And I did not rush off, both times I waited patiently till the manicurist said its ok to leave..So it’s my fault now that my nails smudged??

Another classic example I had was my supplier missed to arrange a direct shipment despite an email and another reminder and his response was 

“If it’s so urgent why didn’t you call us?”

I don’t really wish to spend extra money on overseas calls and I mistakenly thought that since I had several of your colleagues and boss copied in the email, someone should read it right? You mean no one reads emails in your company?

2. Propose a solution that the customer is agreeable to

Ok shit happens I get it. Then come up with a solution. Ivy response to me was “The manicurist offered to redo for you, what more do you want?” 

What I want is a better attitude maybe? Come on, you just wasted 1.5 hours of my time and I had to make an additional trip on a weekend just to get it repainted, can’t you be a little apologetic since you are the one who sold me a solution that can’t work. At least propose a compromise I am agreeable to.

And another example from the same supplier. After they missed the shipment, I asked them, so when is the next delivery going to be?

Their classic response was a repeated litany of “I don’t have an answer to your question.”

I cancelled my order in the end.

I think these are life principles that can be used in any situations not only in a customer seller situation. Thanks for reading my rant and I leave you with a picture of my sad nails, noticed its chipped on my pinkie?



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