DIY Ang Pow Box

I haven’t been posting much, as I have been busy with my upcoming wedding preparations and ferrying my dad to and fro hospital. The doctor has stated that he is incurable, thus the chemotherapy treatment is just to prolong his life. Hopefully, he will live to see my children. Anyway, it just reinforces my belief to not let each day go to waste and always treasure your loved ones.

Anyway since it’s the SG 50 long weekend, I finally have some time and I decide to DIY my ang pow box. It is expensive to purchase one, honestly anything with a wedding tag just automatically increases the price somehow.

First find a suitable box with a lid. You can buy a nice box from Daiso, but I decided to recycle my bridal shoe box.


Next make a slit in the lid of the shoe box

  Then I managed to find some scrap cloth to wrap the box up. Alternatively you can find some nice wrapping paper.

  I used double sided tape to secure the cloth in place. Then I used some leftover tulle to make a rosette. You can check out the link here . And lastly I took a ribbon bow and decorated it with flowers and Viola!

Easily done! đŸ™‚


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