Chanel Wallet on Chain(WOC)

I haven’t blogged in a while, been very busy with work. There are times when I see people setting up their own fashion line and will feel a little wistful. These days, my sewing capabilities has dwindled to helping my hubby repair his clothes or make minor alterations for him.

However, seeing my bank account grow at a really fast rate made me feel that its still worth it. I may still go into fashion somehow in future, but right now I am just concentrating on saving for the renovation fund for our upcoming flat.

Having said that, I still went ahead to splurge on a chanel wallet on chain to reward myself for working so hard this past year. It felt like I have reached a milestone in my life, hence I am blogging about it. I have always been a big fan of Chanel, but never could bring myself to own a Chanel bag. After much researching, I decided to start with a wallet on chain, which is more affordable. I did toy with getting a pre-loved one vs a brand new one. However my sister said that the price difference is not much and I might as well go ahead to buy a brand new one.

It did help that Chanel has adjusted the prices worldwide, so I believe I am getting a slightly cheaper wallet on chain. There are many types of wallet on chain, with Classic lambskin, calfskin leather, patent and also boy channel wallet on chain.

After watching countless YouTube videos and reading lots of reviews, I decided to go for lambskin. The lambskin is harder to maintain, compared to calf skin as it dents easily. However I simply love the look and feel of a lambskin. I went to both outlets in Singapore and the black lambskin is sold out. They have the calf skin in stock but it just doesn’t feel right. 


black calfskin wallet on chain

My colleague happen to be going to UK, so I asked her if she can help me get the bag. I read that Heathrow airport is the best place to shop for Chanel due to the duty-free, resulting in one of the lowest prices worldwide. However, despite going 3 outlets in Europe, she was not able to find the black lambskin. So another month went by, until I went to Bangkok recently.

I tried going to a Chanel shop there, but the luxury stores close early at 8pm, so I didn’t managed to go.

To my delight, the Chanel outlet in airport has the black lambskin wallet on chain in stock, and I bought the last piece. I prefer the gold hardware one but it was sold just minutes before I enter the shop. Damn! Still I am happy with my silver hardware purchase, and it’s cheaper than Singapore, yay!


comes with the pretty camellia flower, Mademoiselle’s favorite, said to be given by her lover


Tied up prettily, almost couldn’t bear to unwrap it

I am so happy that mine comes with a dust bag still, as I read that many outlets have stopped giving dust bag for wallet on chains.

It comes with six credit card slots and can fit a handphone in it. The chain can be worn 4 ways either as a cross-body or clutch, have yet to use it yet.

That’s the end of this frivolous post. Till next time 🙂


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