The No-diet diet

I put on weight after taking my wedding photo-shoot and before my actual wedding, such that I look fatter on my actual day (faint). I am only thankful that I still look thin during my wedding photoshoot. It came as a wake up call when I found myself past 50kg and at the fattest stage of my life. So I resolved to go on a diet but I want to eat healthily not go on crash diets.

I chanced upon the no-diet diet. It’s relatively simple to keep to. You have a green meal – 200 calories, an amber meal- 400 calories and a red meal- 800 calories a day. You are supposed to cut out sugar drinks and just drink coffee or tea. Well cutting out sugar drinks is really difficult for me, but I try to keep to that calorie count. I downloaded my fitness pal app which have a huge store of all types of food and started the no-diet diet.

I usually eat my green meal in the morning, amber in afternoon and red at night. I know lots of people say we should eat our heaviest meal at breakfast and lightest meal at dinner, but somehow the other way round works for me too.

So I also apply some celebrity inch loss cream every morning though I don’t really feel that works so well and start to exercise more. I try to incorporate more walking in my daily routine. And I started following some simple exercise videos. My favorite is the one by Korean fitness celebrity 鄭多燕. Her videos are really fun and easy to do and usually only 10 mins.

So after 3 months, I am quite happy that I have lost 2 kg. yay! I was watching a Japanese variety show on you tube the other and it talks about how important it is to build muscle. If you only diet and do some fat burning exercise, your muscles will shrink and you will turn into *gasp* the body type that put on weight easily (易胖體質) I don’t want that to happen man, so I am also concentrating on exercise that build up my muscle strength. I am ok if I start to weigh more, as we all know muscles are heavier than fats, but I definitely want my body fat to decrease.

The other day I come across Xndo meals which is only around 200 calories! I have yet to try it. The salesperson keep trying to sell me other stuff like the detox drink, which doesn’t really work for me and the healthy teh Tarik which cost half of the calories in normal teh. However the healthy version is just not mean for me, although it tastes fine.

Well till the next time, maybe I will do a short review of the Xndo meal. Yet to open and still lying on my office table.

Blessings, mid week approaching.


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