2016 fashion trend

I love Bangkok, recently went there on a short getaway with hubby. I haven’t been there in years and it hasn’t change.

Things are cheap and yet quality is good. Personally I think it’s better than China.

You can see the latest trends all in one wholesale mall such as Platinum mall. So I thought of blogging one whole article about 2016 fashion trend but finally decided to just blog about my newfound love: culottes! 🙂

I never liked to wear pants to work. It’s mainly one piece dresses for me or skirts. But when I was in Bangkok I couldn’t resist buying culottes. They look so chic. I never thought I can carry off the look as I am quite petite only 1.58 cm but it looks good and so comfortable to wear. Great look for office too and best part it only cost me 200 Baht !! 🙂 

There are several types the best is to get one over the knees, or longer version ending slightly above your ankles. Do not get one that ends exactly at the knees or you will risk looking like a 70s police officer 

And try to pair it with a fitting blouse for a more formal look, no baggy T-shirts or you will just drown in it.

For a casual look a cropped tee will work too. You know the saying that fashion recycles every 20 yr so the 90s is definitely back in a big way 😁

That’s all folks and talk more on other trends next time. 


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