Busy sewing 

I have been busy sewing for the fashion competition. I am abit behind my own personal schedule because of the hectic work life. And I ran into a hiccup where the fabric swatch I submitted can’t be found in Singapore and now the organizers said nothing can be changed or added to the board. I have informed them the fabric is out of stock, so I either have to risk changing the fabric and explaining to the judges or I am thinking to use another fabric already on the board that I have submitted.

Anyway, I am very blessed that my friend has given me free usage of her place and being in her place has allowed me to focus on the competition. I progressed a lot last weekend, drafting and sewn the mock up.

Currently I am awaiting my friend to come by my place, so I can fit the toile on her. The organizers have not given the length, thus my friend who is model height will allow me to gauge better.


lovely place right? so much ample space

I really adore my friend’s place. It’s a colonial black and white in a quite ulu (remote) part of Singapore. I actually thought of going back to continue sewing today, but silly me left the keys at home.

I am abit apprehensive that I may not have enough time. I am only on my first garment (shucks!) and hopefully I can see faster and progress more in upcoming weeks.

By the way, I have decided to leave my job. I haven’t told my boss yet, but it’s gotten to a point where I no longer have some personal time. And the company’s direction is gradually getting further away from what I really want to do. I am going to miss my boss the most. He is one of the most understanding boss I have met, albeit a workaholic at times. In fact, we had many conversations prior to me reaching this decision. And with a heavy heart, I decided to part ways with the company. At one point of my conversation, I told him if I was single I can continue. But currently I hardly had time for Hub, my late nights are spent replying emails then dropping off into a tired sleep. 

Well, hopefully my next job will be better, less crazy hours and some time that I can devote to things I like to do.


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