3 days to competition

Well I got a call yesterday that one of my models has a very bad outbreak and I need to change models. So I rushed down to do fitting for the new model again.

forgot to take her face

As you can see the puckering issue is still there. I have tried several ways and none seems to work..

Such as unpicking and resewing, adjusting the tension of the machine, adjusting stitch length, not pulling the fabric and letting the feed dog do the work

I also tried ironing the seams with an iron on the hottest setting (you have to put a cloth over it, just in case) then pressing immediately with a marble tile. For a while, this seems to work and initially I was elated, happily pressing all my seams but alas, when I am done with the ironing, the puckering came back.

So I am left with the last method which is using fusible interfacing on one of the fabric, as I am suspecting that the blue fabric is thinner than the white fabric and hence its causing the puckering. However, silly me thought I am done with sewing and have brought my interfacing back to my mother’s house, so I have to go collect it tomorrow.

Oh well


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