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I was really happy yesterday. I made my very first Etsy sale! It was a pleasant surprise to see the email from Etsy and some lovely lady from US bought not one but two of my postcards in my Etsy shop.It’s quite a feat for me considering I only uploaded 3 designs few days ago and I sold 2! ^_^ anyway I was posting it out today and realized the postage fees was really expensive, so I actually undercharged for the postage fees but oh well just happy that I had my first sale. It’s a big milestone considering that I just decided to go forth and set up my Facebook page and stuff. Of course postcards are just a thing I listed on a whim, will still like to concentrate on Fashion and art pieces. Another thing I am really grateful for is a friend of mine whom I have not spoken to in years contacted me on Facebook and offered to let me host my craft swop party at her condominium meeting room! Really humbled and touched.Here’s my craft swop party again, in case you all want to go. It’s a free event to exchange craft materials and stuff. I’m running a mini contest on my Facebook page Here where you can win a mini chanel collectible, just by liking sharing and commenting on the post.Do take part even if you can’t make it for the event. Closing date is 31st July 2018And last but not least, I am grateful for my friend who offered to do my namecards design for free! I was all prepared to pay her for it but she generously told me she would do it for free. Such kindness that I have encountered these days made me grateful and happy!Hence this grateful post. Till then. Live out your dreams step by step, bit by bit, a little step even in the right direction makes you happy.I will leave you with a quote from Chanel that I found on the Internet. I think sometimes we care too much and listen to all the naysayers. But the frog that does not listen to anyone eventually made it to the mountain top, so let’s live that out today, no matter how challenging it may seem.


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