Grateful Post

I was really happy yesterday. I made my very first Etsy sale! It was a pleasant surprise to see the email from Etsy and some lovely lady from US bought not one but two of my postcards in my Etsy shop.It’s quite a feat for me considering I only uploaded 3 designs few days ago and I sold 2! ^_^ anyway I was posting it out today and realized the postage fees was really expensive, so I actually undercharged for the postage fees but oh well just happy that I had my first sale. It’s a big milestone considering that I just decided to go forth and set up my Facebook page and stuff. Of course postcards are just a thing I listed on a whim, will still like to concentrate on Fashion and art pieces. Another thing I am really grateful for is a friend of mine whom I have not spoken to in years contacted me on Facebook and offered to let me host my craft swop party at her condominium meeting room! Really humbled and touched.Here’s my craft swop party again, in case you all want to go. It’s a free event to exchange craft materials and stuff. I’m running a mini contest on my Facebook page Here where you can win a mini chanel collectible, just by liking sharing and commenting on the post.Do take part even if you can’t make it for the event. Closing date is 31st July 2018And last but not least, I am grateful for my friend who offered to do my namecards design for free! I was all prepared to pay her for it but she generously told me she would do it for free. Such kindness that I have encountered these days made me grateful and happy!Hence this grateful post. Till then. Live out your dreams step by step, bit by bit, a little step even in the right direction makes you happy.I will leave you with a quote from Chanel that I found on the Internet. I think sometimes we care too much and listen to all the naysayers. But the frog that does not listen to anyone eventually made it to the mountain top, so let’s live that out today, no matter how challenging it may seem.


Lazy me ( Beware! A really long rant)

Well lazy me has not been sewing. Of course I can make excuses that I am busy with studying my Intensive Japanese preparatory class (weekly mini tests and mock exams monthly)  and hopefully pass JLPT level 1, the highest level of the Japanese proficiency, but really who am I kidding? Sometimes I look at hila’s blog who I have been following and I feel ashamed, like mega shame. I mean she churns out all these little pretty outfits on a regular basis and for me I have a ton of half finished stuff… 

I guess it’s why I keep spending on sewing courses, not only I can improve my sewing skills, but attending a class helps me to be more disciplined. And the Singapore Government is really nice to us citizens, they gave us $500 to upgrade ourselves and I can take sewing courses with it! 🙂 but now my plate is quite full with the intensive class, all the way till 1st week of December where I can take my exam. Yesterday, I was just thinking if only I can go to Bunka for 2 weeks – 1 month course, that has always been a dream of mine, to learn the Japanese way of pattern making. 

Well I know I really need to force myself to carve out 1 hour on a weekday night, stop surfing the FB & Instagram for once and just focus on doing something Fashion related. I think even drafting and cutting paper patterns is good. Or even hand sewing and improve my couture sewing techniques.

Ok, I am signing up for a crafternoon at Meetup to just have time out to do my sewing. Sigh, I still draw and design regularly, but sewing has always been my Achilles heel. Except for the fashion design competition the last time which really force me to sew a lot in one week. Other than that, I am just sucked back to work and the daily grind. Having said that, recently I really want to give myself a pat on the back. What happened is that I did super well in last quarter. Overachieved 200%, then came the spanner in the works, the finance dept just refused to pay me for my overachievement… I was like wut?!!! But yet I am calm now and not even angry. In fact, I even told my boss earlier In the sales kickoff, “forget it, let’s just focus on this FY. Let’s not piss the finance lady off, else she makes things difficult for us this FY. ” my boss was like no no no, I need to fight for you, at least 120%… but I heard from my colleagues that it’s really challenging apparently they been doing this for long time, the company is just not inclined to pay people above 120% due to the commission multiplier. Oh well, I am actually amazed how zen I am about this. I guess it’s a sign of maturity. If you read my first few posts, you will know I used to be the type to go bang table and demand my comms etc, but now I am like really chill, not even a hint of anger. Well I guess that is the reality of corporate world.

Presents from my 2 bosses from today’s kickoff event, it’s enough to make me feel blessed. I am easily content nowadays. Note: I won the Kindle bid at really attractive price

I gave myself a 10 year plan. In 10 years time, I hope to save enough to start my bespoke atelier, and from now till then, I will focus on improving my fashion skills, especially my sewing skills, adopt the craftsmen mentality and improve.

Only then I can achieve.

Somehow master sifu quote from Kungfu panda really stuck with me, and it’s my personal motto for now

Sew often, pray often

Sayonara Minnasan, mata ne! (It’s means goodbye folks, till next time)

If you are considering a career switch, you may want to read this..

Well I haven’t blog for a long while, as I am very happy and fulfilled in my current job. Nope, I’m not in fashion unlike what my blog started out to be, but I am doing what I enjoyed doing best, which is sales.

Today, while walking home, I was reflecting on what made me passionate about doing in life. And it made me realize that it really was like what I wrote in the past, from reading the book, “So good that others can’t ignore you” that the author has this radical theory of not following your passion and dream, but rather being so good at a certain thing, that it becomes your passion. As you can tell from my blog title, this blog was originally intended to be about my career switch to fashion which lasted a gloriously short period of 6 months in studies and internship and another 5 months in an actual job in the industry. 

A short stint, yet a long journey in terms of self- discovery. At the grand age of 32, I embarked on a some-would-say-courageous while others-will-say-incredibly-silly decision of exchanging my successful career to follow my long time dream and passion. i.e. Fashion. 

Did it work out? Yes and No.

Yes, as in, I live life with no regrets and no what ifs, which I spoke about in my earlier posts. I thoroughly enjoyed studying Fashion, sewing, attending Fashion shows and those 3 months were the happiest period in my life. 

I didn’t go for this show, I will love to! but it’s from my favorite designer

But No, I realized I somehow am not cut out to be in the retail industry. Which is tough since if you want to make it big as a designer in the industry, you have to be involved in retail somehow. Even the couture houses have a pret a porter range, whereas I am more inclined to small bespoke boutique-ish kind of business. 

And No, as my financial commitments are high and I realized I didn’t want to sacrifice my state of lifestyle to follow my passion. I tried, but the salary made me an unhappy person. And even though working in an established renowned company meant my staff discount for high end brands is 40% off, but I couldn’t even afford a brand new Balenciaga classic motorcycle bag that was on staff sale at USD500. (I could, but I see no point in blowing almost 50% of my salary to buy my want rather than my need at that point in time) My colleagues thought I was crazy, and I constantly felt I couldn’t fit in. Of course, that is a very small flavor of what the fashion industry can be like in Singapore.

Ironically, 2 years later I can afford my dream bag, where I no longer felt I had to justify shelling out almost 50% of my salary

Fast forward to 4 years later, where I have been back in my previous industry for almost 3 years, enjoying my career and smashing my sales targets once more. Being an older self at 36, I have to cautioned myself not to get burn out. (because retrospectively, I was burned out back then in 2013, which pushed me to yearn for a break doing something I loved and that disillusioned me left the corporate rat race and embarked on following my fashion dream)

I hope by reading this blog thus far, you won’t get disillusioned and start doubting yourself. Is it wrong to pursue your dreams? No! no! No! I am not saying it’s wrong. YOLO, please do get out there and live life with no regrets. But what I am saying is, before jumping in with 2 feet and 2 eyes shut, please do set a list of contingencies.

1) Set aside at least 6 months to 1 year of salary. I set aside almost 8 mths to a year worth of my salary before I did my career switch

2) Research the industry that you wish to switch to, try to network and talk to as much people as you can. –> well I feel I didn’t do this enough. I did research and speak with some people, and read accounts of people who career switched successfully, but either I lacked that grit or maybe financials to see myself through. 

3) Assess if it’s burn out/disillusionment/disgruntlement with your career/superior/company or really a genuine desire to go follow your dream. –> on hindsight, I could have taken a 3-6 months break, travel, rest and see if I really need to switch to a new industry rather than doing something drastic and final

4) Try out the industry. –> You may have this insatiable desire for fashion, you want to be the next fashionista. There is a reason why they always say fashion is hard work, because it truly is. Before jumping in, intern at as many places as possible. (Sadly in Singapore, age is a discriminating factor, and I do get turned down and ignored at several places even with the offer to intern for free) but don’t give up and somehow you will still be able to find some place, I am sure.

5) Start small–> take on small jobs to help your friends/relatives or random colleagues to alter/sew/make something for them. (They usually won’t reject since it’s free) then actively sought feedback and try to improve. From there you can move on to other free lancing jobs. One common thread I learnt from successful career switchers is that they already have an existing side business before they went in to take it full time. In this way, the transition is less shocking and easier to handle. At least you are not going in with zero income, but with some existing contacts and business which make it less daunting.

6) Have an exit plan- I gave myself a time frame that if by a certain deadline, I have not achieved a certain target I will go back to my previous industry. Some may say it’s not good to set this, you should tell yourself to never look back and go ahead as if you have no roads left (This was actual advice from my previous supervisor) however I am a pragmatic person, if something is not working out or your gut feel tells you otherwise, please trust your gut feel.

I hope above points will help you, since it’s from my own experience. But if all else fails, just follow your heart, you won’t go wrong. My career took a hit because of my career switch, when I return back to my industry. however, within 2 years I am back to my previous pay scale and perhaps even more. Of course there are some drawbacks (life is not always a fairy tale) Just look at my peers who have reached higher career levels compared to me, had I stayed in the same industry. But it’s a choice I made, so live with it. Thus, if you have enough to get by, your career can afford to wait a little while, while you go pursue that dream of yours.

If you never try, you never know.

A cute poster I snapped in Bangkok, I think it’s by Jeremyville. If you know the illustrator, pls let me know and I can credit it properly

And one parting shot. My journal that I picked up during my down period, and the quote which really speaks to me.

Blessings to all who read this long post especially during this Easter season! ^^

Passion vs Craftsman mentality

Recently I re-read the book “So good they can’t ignore you. Why skills trump passion in the quest for work you love.”

I am changing jobs and recently I’ve been feeling guilty of not staying in this current job longer. Though I have laid out my reasons in earlier blog posts but I can’t help feeling my career profile resembles that of a job hopper. There were several reasons why I changed job over the years, but deep down I really want to stay in a job for long. (my family probably will roll their eyes because that is my constant refrain) 

So I find myself re-reading the book and reminding myself along the way that my craftsmen mindset is not what the job can offer me but what value I can offer to the world. This is in stark contrast to 2 years ago where I was still living a life blindsided by social media on finding my dream job and following my passion. However along the way, I come to realize accumulating career capital (I.e rare and valuable skills) is vital, thereby becoming good at what you do and so good that others can’t ignore you.

Reading some parts of the book made me realize that having too much autonomy without career capital is disastrous. In the early part of my blog, I detailed my journey on switching to a fashion career without accumulating any career capital. Thus I subsequently did not have enough money to sustain my lifestyle and impending housing loan and I had to go back to sales in the IT industry. At least it beats starting a business and ending up in debt.

However, this journey also allowed me to learn more about myself and redefine my career goals and direction. I set a target to build up my sewing skills. I still have not decided if I will ever go back to making it as a career, but I do know I want to be better and more skilled in making clothes. The upcoming competition allowed me to be uncomfortable and stretch my skills and hone the craft which is good.

I also learnt that sales is something I really enjoyed doing and being better at it since I have accumulated experience of 10 years. (albeit not staying at a company for longer than 2 years). Reading the book did cause me to reflect a lot, what value do I bring to the job?

And as there’s a change in company direction in my current company, it resulted in me not being able to accumulate the career capital that I will like to have.  At the same time, I was approached by a HR and had a job offer with a company that seemed like what I want to do, thus after many rounds of discussion with my boss, I decided to leave the company.  At the end of the day, I still want to work for a company that I can grow with and accumulate career capital.

If you ask me why I sound so vague about the new job, it’s because I have yet to start and one never know until one gets there right? Still I will make a list of career goals and list out what I can bring to the job.

Till then, be happy developing the craftsmen mindset to hone your skills and find the job you can be good at, who know? It may just turn out to be your dream job! 

A little rut in my life..

Recently I am a little down, the work is sucking up my life. I like my boss and the job, but just feeling burned out especially when clients call you after office hours and I find myself working on a Sunday. 

My sis says its a normal phenomenon because economy is bad and everywhere is like this, but I start wondering really?!

There’s got to be work life balance somewhere right? I am grateful for the job. H & I has save enough for the reno fund (one yr ahead of schedule, with help from the in-laws) and I can even think about adding a concept wall when we were limited to basics 2 yrs back. We are even planning to buy another second-hand car at the end of the year when the current one comes to end of COE. All this will not have been possible if I am still with the fashion company. I even recently bought a channel wallet on chain, my personal reward which is more than my fashion job one month salary.

But once in a while, I find myself wistful, hands itching to create a garment, but yet lazy to do anything. I am actually toying with the idea to go for another short term  course with Taftc just to give myself the discipline to sew. I seem to only do well in a guided environment which is bad… Same for work, it’s hard for me to work from home. I have to be at office or somewhere else which is why I am here at a cafe on Sun afternoon, but yet am blogging and journaling instead of clearing my backlog…

Yet yesterday I was thinking why didn’t I go on an extended break to Europe after I graduated? Instead I jumped straight into a job. It was like this even during my career switch.. It’s like I have a need to constantly keep myself busy instead of rotting my days away..

Anyway I am digressing, the reason why I am in a little rut is that recently I am thinking about my passion for fashion again. I start to wonder if I really have to follow my dreams or just be what I am good at,like my current job? After all Steve jobs speech to Stanford graduates which inspired me to quit and came back from Taiwan (amongst other pressing reasons) didn’t really apply to him in real life. It’s like his passion is new age guru stuff, but you don’t see him becoming a yogi. So although I like fashion, it doesn’t mean I have to be a designer right? And recently I am questioning myself, so do I really like fashion and want to start my own label or it’s the artwork aspect I like?

Because I don’t want to come up with a commercial line. While thinking abt this yesterday, I re-read my outline of my business plan which I wrote during my Taftc course, I am 8 years away from hitting that goal and honestly I don’t know if I can do it. It’s like when you get married and if you have kids, all kinds of financial commitment come into play.

I was reading Fuschia Lane’s founder and how she started the label with $2K. I don’t think I have that type of courage and yet some part of me wish I have, contradictory right?

Or maybe those who read this and whoever considered or attempts a career switch will experience it. It doesn’t mean I am giving up totally, I still harbor hopes I will do something, but now with the work sucking up so much of the time I don’t know how.

I am actually going to attend a 2 day workshop end of this month to learn about building a passive Income stream. Hopefully the investment will be worth it and not too complicated and I can have some income to quit my current job.

Not that I don’t like the job. I like what I do and am really thankful for my current boss. But right now the job is a vehicle for me to boost my savings. Ultimately 5-10 yrs down the road, I hope to amass enough to do what I like to do I.e my own dreams


my painting I did yesterday

Leaving you with something I saw during my recent BKK trip  

 let’s make that footstep today guys! 

The No-diet diet

I put on weight after taking my wedding photo-shoot and before my actual wedding, such that I look fatter on my actual day (faint). I am only thankful that I still look thin during my wedding photoshoot. It came as a wake up call when I found myself past 50kg and at the fattest stage of my life. So I resolved to go on a diet but I want to eat healthily not go on crash diets.

I chanced upon the no-diet diet. It’s relatively simple to keep to. You have a green meal – 200 calories, an amber meal- 400 calories and a red meal- 800 calories a day. You are supposed to cut out sugar drinks and just drink coffee or tea. Well cutting out sugar drinks is really difficult for me, but I try to keep to that calorie count. I downloaded my fitness pal app which have a huge store of all types of food and started the no-diet diet.

I usually eat my green meal in the morning, amber in afternoon and red at night. I know lots of people say we should eat our heaviest meal at breakfast and lightest meal at dinner, but somehow the other way round works for me too.

So I also apply some celebrity inch loss cream every morning though I don’t really feel that works so well and start to exercise more. I try to incorporate more walking in my daily routine. And I started following some simple exercise videos. My favorite is the one by Korean fitness celebrity 鄭多燕. Her videos are really fun and easy to do and usually only 10 mins.

So after 3 months, I am quite happy that I have lost 2 kg. yay! I was watching a Japanese variety show on you tube the other and it talks about how important it is to build muscle. If you only diet and do some fat burning exercise, your muscles will shrink and you will turn into *gasp* the body type that put on weight easily (易胖體質) I don’t want that to happen man, so I am also concentrating on exercise that build up my muscle strength. I am ok if I start to weigh more, as we all know muscles are heavier than fats, but I definitely want my body fat to decrease.

The other day I come across Xndo meals which is only around 200 calories! I have yet to try it. The salesperson keep trying to sell me other stuff like the detox drink, which doesn’t really work for me and the healthy teh Tarik which cost half of the calories in normal teh. However the healthy version is just not mean for me, although it tastes fine.

Well till the next time, maybe I will do a short review of the Xndo meal. Yet to open and still lying on my office table.

Blessings, mid week approaching.

Chanel Wallet on Chain(WOC)

I haven’t blogged in a while, been very busy with work. There are times when I see people setting up their own fashion line and will feel a little wistful. These days, my sewing capabilities has dwindled to helping my hubby repair his clothes or make minor alterations for him.

However, seeing my bank account grow at a really fast rate made me feel that its still worth it. I may still go into fashion somehow in future, but right now I am just concentrating on saving for the renovation fund for our upcoming flat.

Having said that, I still went ahead to splurge on a chanel wallet on chain to reward myself for working so hard this past year. It felt like I have reached a milestone in my life, hence I am blogging about it. I have always been a big fan of Chanel, but never could bring myself to own a Chanel bag. After much researching, I decided to start with a wallet on chain, which is more affordable. I did toy with getting a pre-loved one vs a brand new one. However my sister said that the price difference is not much and I might as well go ahead to buy a brand new one.

It did help that Chanel has adjusted the prices worldwide, so I believe I am getting a slightly cheaper wallet on chain. There are many types of wallet on chain, with Classic lambskin, calfskin leather, patent and also boy channel wallet on chain.

After watching countless YouTube videos and reading lots of reviews, I decided to go for lambskin. The lambskin is harder to maintain, compared to calf skin as it dents easily. However I simply love the look and feel of a lambskin. I went to both outlets in Singapore and the black lambskin is sold out. They have the calf skin in stock but it just doesn’t feel right. 


black calfskin wallet on chain

My colleague happen to be going to UK, so I asked her if she can help me get the bag. I read that Heathrow airport is the best place to shop for Chanel due to the duty-free, resulting in one of the lowest prices worldwide. However, despite going 3 outlets in Europe, she was not able to find the black lambskin. So another month went by, until I went to Bangkok recently.

I tried going to a Chanel shop there, but the luxury stores close early at 8pm, so I didn’t managed to go.

To my delight, the Chanel outlet in airport has the black lambskin wallet on chain in stock, and I bought the last piece. I prefer the gold hardware one but it was sold just minutes before I enter the shop. Damn! Still I am happy with my silver hardware purchase, and it’s cheaper than Singapore, yay!


comes with the pretty camellia flower, Mademoiselle’s favorite, said to be given by her lover


Tied up prettily, almost couldn’t bear to unwrap it

I am so happy that mine comes with a dust bag still, as I read that many outlets have stopped giving dust bag for wallet on chains.

It comes with six credit card slots and can fit a handphone in it. The chain can be worn 4 ways either as a cross-body or clutch, have yet to use it yet.

That’s the end of this frivolous post. Till next time 🙂

Musings of the day

The recent elections campaign in Singapore have generated a lot of hype. I wasn’t around in GE2011, was still working in Taipei but I can really feel the buzz in this election.

Much of the buzz is actually generated via the media. This led me to recall…

When I was young, there were no mobile phones, let alone Internet. People carried pagers. You have to find a payphone to return calls. Then I got my first alphanumeric pager with Sunpage. We all used to spend a lot of time at the payphone just trying to punch a message out. There were codes like 843 which stands for “BYE”


I used to have one of this! Do you all know what is this?

 then Nokia phones became the rage and everyone started playing “snake” on their mobile phones. 


Nokia over the years, I still think 8210/8250 is the most classic ever launched

The internet exploded and suddenly people across the globe become connected. You no longer need to write letters. You can use ICQ and IRC to talk to someone halfway around the world.

such nostalgia…

Then came Friendster and suddenly you have many friends that are not really your friends,.but even that was not as popular as facebook.


who still have a friendster account?

 I remembered reading that when newsfeed first launched, people complained it was an invasion in privacy. Nobody wanted to have their lives, what they did that day exposed to their friends. But soon you are hooked. You spend hours scrolling through just to see what others have liked, shared etc. (I am guilty of this)

iPhone, Samsung become the smartphone and it forms very much part of your life and maybe you become more 24/7 for work too, if your personal phone becomes your work phone. I had messages from customer while I’m having dinner or seeing a doctor. I find myself reading emails late at night and when I wake up in the morning. You are “online” all the time and hardly offline. And when you are offline, maybe you feel withdrawal symptoms. 

The younger generation start to use Instagram, Twitter since they feel their parents are using facebook to stalk them. But it’s still the same, a lot of time is whiled away scrolling pictures, tweets, videos. 

From Gen X to Gen Y to the new millenials, every generation, we just want things faster, more instant gratification due to the advances in technology. 

People’s emotions get stirred very easily as reading messages online has no tone and you add whatever tone to it depending on your mood at that time.

Sometimes we hit the send button before even thinking whether what we write or post is right. 

I have seen so many instances where the ‘keyboard warriors’ start to have long arguments. There’s social lynching. 

We see something indignant and we post, or we stomp. We see a pretty face in NDP and it sparked an online massive hunt for the mystery lady. Comments were all positive until we learned she is a foreigner and suddenly ppl change their tune. It’s amazing how fast people switch sides, probably a by-product of this fast generation. We like to think we are self righteous, yet it bears close to ridiculous when we see someone being bullied in public and many first instinct is to whip out the phone and video.

Because of the high connectivity and the power that social media holds, people start to focus on digital marketing. This is used in all areas, from e-commerce, to politics to promoting your cause/rights. And people become easily influenced too. Sometimes you notice a trend where one simple comment in the forum such as the recent “Is SXL the new candidate a PRC?” (she is Singaporean born and bred btw) and various ppl just start posting and commenting and then the die is cast.

The social media is a scary and powerful propaganda tool. It’s scary because of how easy, deceptively simple and fast it is. In the past, we have to write and send things out via email or post on a computer. It’s way much slower, but maybe due to its slowness, it actually gives you time to stop, pause and reflect if what you are writing makes sense. Right now, half the type I reply emails or surf the net and fb on my mobile phone and sometimes I do make embarrassing mistakes.

 I think we should do due diligence to use technology wisely and not let it control us. 

Remember whatever you do or post or write online, even Whatsapp, it almost always leaves a digital footprint and you never know when it will come back to haunt you one day.

Many articles and videos posted on the Internet may not be true. I hope if you have time, do your own research, read from as many sources as you can before you form your own conclusions. Our vote is precious and will make a difference in shaping Singapore’s future. I personally will vote for a candidate that I believe can do the job and will enable Singapore to have the next SG100.

Don’t be swayed by emotions. Don’t oppose for the sake of opposing. Vote if you believe that party can bring about the results you want. For me, I studied the opposition parties manifesto and took time to discern and review whether their proposals are sound. Then I compare it with the existing government and see if change is suitable for me at this time or I am happy with what my government has done for me. I also downloaded annual reports of town councils and did my own research, as there are so many conflicting voices out there. . 

Singapore has come a long way since when I was a child. I have seen the Singapore skyline change. The older generation would have seen even more changes.

I am proud to be a citizen of this country and I hope that we will have many more 50 years to come. 

DIY Ang Pow Box

I haven’t been posting much, as I have been busy with my upcoming wedding preparations and ferrying my dad to and fro hospital. The doctor has stated that he is incurable, thus the chemotherapy treatment is just to prolong his life. Hopefully, he will live to see my children. Anyway, it just reinforces my belief to not let each day go to waste and always treasure your loved ones.

Anyway since it’s the SG 50 long weekend, I finally have some time and I decide to DIY my ang pow box. It is expensive to purchase one, honestly anything with a wedding tag just automatically increases the price somehow.

First find a suitable box with a lid. You can buy a nice box from Daiso, but I decided to recycle my bridal shoe box.


Next make a slit in the lid of the shoe box

  Then I managed to find some scrap cloth to wrap the box up. Alternatively you can find some nice wrapping paper.

  I used double sided tape to secure the cloth in place. Then I used some leftover tulle to make a rosette. You can check out the link here . And lastly I took a ribbon bow and decorated it with flowers and Viola!

Easily done! 🙂

Things you should never say to a customer

I think being in any industry be it sales or service line, there are certain things you should never say to your customer. It only adds fire to the oil. Maybe you are reading this and thinking “nope it doesn’t relate to me.” But I think it’s applicable to all situations. You can swop the word “customer” and use your boss, the people you meet on the street or your co-workers.

I thought of this blog post as I was still quite pissed by the shitty attitude I got last week from my bad customer experience. I initially wan to post a facebook status, but I think I need a full blog to cover it. If you don’t really wish to read a rant, I just you stop here and click the X on your dialog box.

So before I dive straight in, I will give you a bit of background to what happened. I am going for photoshoot this Wednesday and thought maybe I should go get a manicure done. I hardly go for such things. So mentioned this during lunch with my friend and she told me there was a shop in the mall itself where we are having lunch, so I went to have a look.

I opt for the classic manicure which they told me will take 30 mins. That’s great as I still have to get back to work. Then the lady took out a promotion saying for both mani and pedi it’s $39.90. I told her I was wearing covered heels and don’t think a pedi is possible. She suggested that I top up $5 for the express dry top coat and it can be done. Ok fine I took that. That’s when the problem started. Initially I enquired abt nail art as well and she said it was $3 onwards. So while I happily picked out my nail design, she said that design is $6 per finger plus $10 as its French manicure plus another x Amt because the French manicure is not white color. Mind you there is no price on the catalogue of designs, it’s just an iPad. I got lost with the varied top ups tt I need, to get my desired design that I told her to jus stick with the classic manicure instead. At this point she walked off. Maybe she didn’t see me as such a potential customer after all. 

Then come the horror, when I am done with my pedicure. The manicurist asked if I brought my slippers. I told her no I am wearing heels as what I told the in charge from the start. She has doubt in her eyes when she tell me, yes probably it will be fine, but if it does get smudged you can come back to redo. My office is in the east and I am not going to come back raffles place anytime soon, but they already asked me to pay halfway through my manicure so I left.

Sure enough, before I even exit the mall, I felt the nails were smudging. I went back up and by then was quite pissed. I told them Pls don’t sell me a service that does not work for me. They promised to redo and the in charge, Ivy went off before I can even speak with her. After it’s done, I too lost confidence and told them it’s gonna smudge once I wear my heels. The manicurist then suggest I wrap my feet in plastic bags?! I told her it’s impossible to go back to my office in plastic bags…. To cut a long story short, I spend 1.5 hours in the shop, the problem can’t be resolved and I had to make another trip down the next day to redo my nails wearing slippers.

I got them to get Ivy to call me since she is nowhere to be found and did not even bring her hp along. They have no number to call the boss apparently, I don’t know how they contact the boss if something urgent occurs…

And when Ivy called, she top the list of things you should never tell your customer hence this post.

1. Don’t tell the customer it’s their fault

 Customers do not really want to hear that when things go wrong. Ivy response to me was, ” So what? No one forced you to buy this package. You were in a rush so the nails didn’t dry properly.”

Hey I bought this and topped up only because you tell me it can be done even though I was wearing heels. And I did not rush off, both times I waited patiently till the manicurist said its ok to leave..So it’s my fault now that my nails smudged??

Another classic example I had was my supplier missed to arrange a direct shipment despite an email and another reminder and his response was 

“If it’s so urgent why didn’t you call us?”

I don’t really wish to spend extra money on overseas calls and I mistakenly thought that since I had several of your colleagues and boss copied in the email, someone should read it right? You mean no one reads emails in your company?

2. Propose a solution that the customer is agreeable to

Ok shit happens I get it. Then come up with a solution. Ivy response to me was “The manicurist offered to redo for you, what more do you want?” 

What I want is a better attitude maybe? Come on, you just wasted 1.5 hours of my time and I had to make an additional trip on a weekend just to get it repainted, can’t you be a little apologetic since you are the one who sold me a solution that can’t work. At least propose a compromise I am agreeable to.

And another example from the same supplier. After they missed the shipment, I asked them, so when is the next delivery going to be?

Their classic response was a repeated litany of “I don’t have an answer to your question.”

I cancelled my order in the end.

I think these are life principles that can be used in any situations not only in a customer seller situation. Thanks for reading my rant and I leave you with a picture of my sad nails, noticed its chipped on my pinkie?


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