Busy sewingΒ 

I have been busy sewing for the fashion competition. I am abit behind my own personal schedule because of the hectic work life. And I ran into a hiccup where the fabric swatch I submitted can’t be found in Singapore and now the organizers said nothing can be changed or added to the board. I have informed them the fabric is out of stock, so I either have to risk changing the fabric and explaining to the judges or I am thinking to use another fabric already on the board that I have submitted.

Anyway, I am very blessed that my friend has given me free usage of her place and being in her place has allowed me to focus on the competition. I progressed a lot last weekend, drafting and sewn the mock up.

Currently I am awaiting my friend to come by my place, so I can fit the toile on her. The organizers have not given the length, thus my friend who is model height will allow me to gauge better.


lovely place right? so much ample space

I really adore my friend’s place. It’s a colonial black and white in a quite ulu (remote) part of Singapore. I actually thought of going back to continue sewing today, but silly me left the keys at home.

I am abit apprehensive that I may not have enough time. I am only on my first garment (shucks!) and hopefully I can see faster and progress more in upcoming weeks.

By the way, I have decided to leave my job. I haven’t told my boss yet, but it’s gotten to a point where I no longer have some personal time. And the company’s direction is gradually getting further away from what I really want to do. I am going to miss my boss the most. He is one of the most understanding boss I have met, albeit a workaholic at times. In fact, we had many conversations prior to me reaching this decision. And with a heavy heart, I decided to part ways with the company. At one point of my conversation, I told him if I was single I can continue. But currently I hardly had time for Hub, my late nights are spent replying emails then dropping off into a tired sleep. 

Well, hopefully my next job will be better, less crazy hours and some time that I can devote to things I like to do.


Gunning for Fashion

My work day is now typically 16-18hours days and even sometimes on weekends, customers will call me. I contemplated changing jobs just so that I can spend some personal time with Hub. On one night while I was checking work emails, I got an email from TAFtc. It was a maritime port authority fashion competition. Usually they send job positions and I will look at it wistfully then remind myself the salary can’t sustain my upcoming BTO nor my insurance premiums and then delete it.

However the fashion competition caught my eye. It’s not the first time they send a fashion competition but I think the last one was uniforms and I didn’t had time to prepare. So I decided to take part in this. The theme was nautical and I literally only had 3 days to prepare. So one night I hastily googled some inspiration for my mood board. Below are the ones:


I really like the coat, however as we are supposed to create these garments if we get selected, I didn’t design this in the end.

It’s been 10 years since I last join a competition. When I look back, I am amazed this is my 11th year pursuing my fashion dream. My NAFA certification course which I had to defer after a semester and did not complete due to work  schedule was in 2005. Time really flew.

If you ask me, I’m ashamed to say my skills have not really improve a lot as I do not sew regularly. But I have always been a strong illustrator. So it’s with surprise and excitement when I got notified that I was one of the top 10 finalists! I had to rush till 2am on Sunday to do the submission. If you ask me, it’s not my best work, but I am just really happy I got in.

I was a little sad as none of my family members shared my joy. Hub asked me how many entries they got and I snippily replied that even if there are only 10 entries, I am just really happy I got in. Mum and sis kept saying they don’t understand why I took part given how busy I am in my current job. Thus once again, I am brought back to 10 years ago when no family member turned up for the fashion show of my fashion competition. And my sis who was in the same area in the same afternoon just refused to come over.

Oh well, at least my friends and colleagues are thrilled for me too. I just kept reminding myself about the frog story I read before. Where the frogs that were jumping up the mountain and listen to others saying you won’t make it, it’s too high etc dropped out in the end. But the frog that didn’t listen to anyone and just focus on the goal and kept jumping towards the mountain top finally made it to the peak.


I have to be the frog that focus & don’t listen to naysayers!

But it’s not easy. I teared that day during an argument with Hub who didn’t want me to wear my own design out to meet his friends as he find the top “funny” with the long ribbon trailing which he likens it as a tail. Maybe it’s too fashion forward, but I do get compliments whenever I wear it out.

The other day when I was at an interview, the HR expressed concern if I will ever return to fashion. Of course I told him I won’t contemplate the fashion career as it can’t sustain me. But deep in my heart, I do harbor a hope that one day when I saved enough money I will do my dream. Not retail, not even my own label, but just little bespoke projects for my friends & referrals.

My stint in the luxury brands company made me realize I am just not into retail industry. I prefer my internship at the bridal studio where I help in a small part to create one-off gowns. That is what I want to do.

My teacher in TAFtc once asked us to dream big and pen down our business plan on a piece of paper and set a timeline to fulfil that dream. I keep that in my journal. Sometimes, I will read it. The timeline I set was 40, which is 5 years away. I don’t know if I will ever reach that goal in 5 years time. However, step by step I will get there.

Today I pop by F’s bridal studio after purchasing some fabric from Gim Joo. She has moved to bugis and better location than her previous industrial park location. She wasn’t in. I look at the beautiful gowns and hope one day I can intern there again. Even if it’s for free I don’t mind, I can learn so much from F. I love Gim Joo they have all these lovely fabric at half the price of spotlight. The same guy served me, though I doubt he remembers me and he gave me some tips on how to better create my competition design. I am supposed to sew 3 pieces and because of the sustainable component, I submitted swatches using organic cotton and rayon. I am having a lot of trouble finding the rayon and I really hope I find it soon. 

In my haste to submit the fashion board, I actually used swatches from my Hong Kong trip. And the email stated we need to stick to what we have submitted and now changes. I regretted submitting the swatches, as its not a compulsory component. That one I will have more leeway for the fabrics. There is no way I can fly to Hong Kong now to buy the fabric. I need to sew 3 garments this month and I have not started! I planned to draft initially, but now I am thinking maybe draping will save me a lot of time. So I will probably drape 2 garments and draft the last one, the rayon one.

In case you are wondering, I am not sharing my board here now. I will share it after the competition. As 10 years ago, during my first competition, I stupidly showed one of the contestant my design and in the finals, I realised he took my concept and made a better version of it and he eventually won the competition. After that experience, I learnt never to show people my designs until the day of tue completion itself.

I will keep you all updated as I go along. The fitting and presentation day is 1st July and fashion show is on 16th July.

Wish me luck!

Till then, keep sewing, keep keeping on with Him.

Have a blessed weekend! ^^

Running the Rat Race and Passion

Its been a while since I last posted anything. My work took control of my life and I find myself 24/7 tied to the job, working past office hours became a norm. At 1-2am, my conversation with Hub is like “are you texting T again?” And “can’t that email wait till tomorrow?” 

And I will be like ferociously tapping away on my phone replying to my boss and saying “Sorry dear, it’s urgent..”

In fact the past week was another whirlwind of 16-18 hours of work. Last night I slept at 3am till 1 plus I was still trying desperately to find a solution to a work problem and Praise God I did.

Well it’s a sad life of a corporate rat but don’t get me wrong, I like what I am doing. I’m blessed with a good boss albeit a workaholic one who loves to text me outside of working hours asking about deal status. The money is good. HUB & I achieve our renovation fund target ahead of time. I can even afford to fantasize maybe I can have real parquet flooring instead of laminate. And I have extra money to purchase my very first Chanel small Leathergoods, which cost more than the monthly salary I had in fashion.

On the flip side, I am tired and drained. I start to develop these annoying habit of checking my email every few hours, even on weekends. (which I force myself to break away by chilling out and turning off the phone) I had customers who call me when I am sick/at the doctor/at a wake and also on wkends (just received a text today)…and requested I reply them immediately even when I told them politely I am at above locations and indisposed..

Well I learnt to say no. Not that I don’t want to solve my customers’ problems but I found out through the hard way that often, they don’t appreciate and they become even more demanding. And most of the times I realised, their “urgent” request is not that urgent at all. My previous supervisor once told me nobody dies if they don’t get a quote, and it’s very true. I mean of course for really urgent matters such as a tender is closing in 2 hours, I still push myself to quote my customer, despite having really bad gastric flu at that time. 

Recently I found myself wondering if I even have time to start a family? That is why when a few recruiters contacted me few weeks ago, I started agreeing to explore instead of turning them down like what I often do. I like working with my boss but the job has came to a point where I felt overwhelmed and overloaded. 

I missed being able to go out and have social gatherings on weekdays and I really wanted to use the Government SkillsFuture fund to take more fashion courses but I can’t foresee how to work that in to my weekends, seeing my work load is at this point.

When I came back from a 5 days honeymoon in Boracay recently (hoping to write a travel post of that in future) it took me almost 2 weeks to clear my backlog that I don’t dare to go away in end Apr anymore..


The amazing Boracay, miss it already

Well enough of the rant, I actually want to share happy news! I recently joined a fashion competition and am shortlisted as one of the top ten finalists. Yay!!

It’s been 10 years since I joined a competition, and I still remember my feelings back then and how the finished product differed so much from my drawings that I felt ashamed, yet silently vowing one day I will do well enough on the stage again.

That time has come and I am nervous yet very excited! I have one month to create 3 outfits and the fitting is on 1st July with the fashion show on 16th July. My heart is thumping as I write this. Honestly I don’t know how I am going to accomplish it with my current work load but I will find a way because passion and love for fashion pushes you to find it.

I told my boss about my entry and he was surprised that I found time to join the competition. I only knew about the competition few days before it was due. Taftc sent out an email. I love Taftc they often send emails about job positions and competitions. It was on nautical theme and I just had those brilliant flashes of inspirations. I didn’t had much time to do AI drawings, so I just hand drawn and colored it (not my best) and took half day leave for my submission. I thought then, it’s not my best work, but at least I really tried my best. 

So imagine my joy when on last Friday night, after putting down a phone call with customer, I saw an email in my gmail and its was a formal email saying I am shortlisted! HUB being ever practical asked me how many entries were there? πŸ˜‘ maybe there were only ten or maybe there were hundreds, I don’t care. I am just really happy to have an opportunity to push myself back to sewing again.

To have a platform to do what I love.

I may not ever go back to pursuing a full fledge career in fashion. Retail is just not for me, but I really treasure these moments for me to learn and polish my skills. Someday I will focus on bespoke, similar to F, but more on project basis, I don’t think I can do it full time. Too arty a nature to want to make it commercial. And as my teacher famously put it, if it doesn’t sell its just a piece of art, not fashion. As ironic as it sounds, I want it to be a masterpiece like gowns and stuff and not commercial fashion.

I don’t have the skills yet, but every little step takes me closer. Now I hope that through this competition, I can put some creations that show myself if I have advanced in skills in this 10 years. If I did, I am happy. If I did not, I still want to love myself and be happy, and not bash myself up.

Finally on passion. I found my passion in my career path. My passion is in doing sales, closing deals, bringing solutions to my clients. But what about fashion, you may ask? It’s something I really like. It’s passion too, but it won’t be a career for me. More like an interest, a hobby.

I am not saying never, ever, just not now. But one day, who knows?

P.S: I will keep you guys updated on the competition as it goes along^^

Will Karl leave Chanel?

If you don’t already know, I’m a big fan of Chanel. I may not be able to afford most of their stuff, but I love reading up on the history of the house of Chanel, the life of Mademoiselle ‘Coco’ and how Chanel Number 5 came about, stuff like that.

So today when I saw one of the fashion mag I’m subscribing to have the headline “Is Karl Lagerfield leaving Chanel?” Naturally my interest was piqued. Of course the house of Chanel refuted the rumors immediately. It’s not the first time these rumors surface, and yesterday’s Internet were rife with these rumors.

Kaiser Karl is around 83 years old. He has declared publicly that he is younger than that, but people who interviewed his teachers and friends did ascertain he was born in 1933, so that will put him around 83 years old. I have great admiration for Karl Lagerfield. There are not many designers out there who can command fashion at this respected age. And I don’t think he officially studied fashion, but claim to fame in a design competition winning first place in the coat category, and becoming close friends with Yves Saint Laurent, another competitor in the contest.

(On a side note, there’s a photography exhibition on Yves Saint Laurent, starting 28th Apr at Alliance Francais, ok digress over)

Over the years he has helmed and perfected the Chanel Haute Coutre, reviving a brand and bringing it mass appeal. The Chanel runway show is always a surprise, with elaborate settings. Who can forget the one where they changed the runway into a supermarket, or the one recently at South Korea, where the set was transformed into a futuristic child’s play board. Or the iconic Fendi show stopper on China’s Great Wall in 2007?


The little supermarket/shopping mall setting that I adored


Fendi unique show on Great Wall of China


There are many other grand shows that Kaiser Karl created. His shows always have that flair, with the opening and closing dresses, painstakingly adorned either with lace, beads or other embellishments. I remembered watching the documentary on Chanel during my Taftc days, and it gave me a glimpse into his work life and what goes on in the House of Chanel. How the receptionist will flutter to attention and alert the rest by phone when they hear Kaiser Karl is coming to the headquarters. How the dressmakers will be concerned when they are idle so close to a show for they know they have to work doubly hard once Karl finalize the designs. 

Mademoiselle Chanel passed away in 1971 and at the grand old age of 87, she was still designing. Her most recent work then was designing uniforms for Olympic Airlines. So if you ask me, “Will Karl leave Chanel?”

I will say, “maybe one day in the future, but definitely not yet.”

A little rut in my life..

Recently I am a little down, the work is sucking up my life. I like my boss and the job, but just feeling burned out especially when clients call you after office hours and I find myself working on a Sunday. 

My sis says its a normal phenomenon because economy is bad and everywhere is like this, but I start wondering really?!

There’s got to be work life balance somewhere right? I am grateful for the job. H & I has save enough for the reno fund (one yr ahead of schedule, with help from the in-laws) and I can even think about adding a concept wall when we were limited to basics 2 yrs back. We are even planning to buy another second-hand car at the end of the year when the current one comes to end of COE. All this will not have been possible if I am still with the fashion company. I even recently bought a channel wallet on chain, my personal reward which is more than my fashion job one month salary.

But once in a while, I find myself wistful, hands itching to create a garment, but yet lazy to do anything. I am actually toying with the idea to go for another short term  course with Taftc just to give myself the discipline to sew. I seem to only do well in a guided environment which is bad… Same for work, it’s hard for me to work from home. I have to be at office or somewhere else which is why I am here at a cafe on Sun afternoon, but yet am blogging and journaling instead of clearing my backlog…

Yet yesterday I was thinking why didn’t I go on an extended break to Europe after I graduated? Instead I jumped straight into a job. It was like this even during my career switch.. It’s like I have a need to constantly keep myself busy instead of rotting my days away..

Anyway I am digressing, the reason why I am in a little rut is that recently I am thinking about my passion for fashion again. I start to wonder if I really have to follow my dreams or just be what I am good at,like my current job? After all Steve jobs speech to Stanford graduates which inspired me to quit and came back from Taiwan (amongst other pressing reasons) didn’t really apply to him in real life. It’s like his passion is new age guru stuff, but you don’t see him becoming a yogi. So although I like fashion, it doesn’t mean I have to be a designer right? And recently I am questioning myself, so do I really like fashion and want to start my own label or it’s the artwork aspect I like?

Because I don’t want to come up with a commercial line. While thinking abt this yesterday, I re-read my outline of my business plan which I wrote during my Taftc course, I am 8 years away from hitting that goal and honestly I don’t know if I can do it. It’s like when you get married and if you have kids, all kinds of financial commitment come into play.

I was reading Fuschia Lane’s founder and how she started the label with $2K. I don’t think I have that type of courage and yet some part of me wish I have, contradictory right?

Or maybe those who read this and whoever considered or attempts a career switch will experience it. It doesn’t mean I am giving up totally, I still harbor hopes I will do something, but now with the work sucking up so much of the time I don’t know how.

I am actually going to attend a 2 day workshop end of this month to learn about building a passive Income stream. Hopefully the investment will be worth it and not too complicated and I can have some income to quit my current job.

Not that I don’t like the job. I like what I do and am really thankful for my current boss. But right now the job is a vehicle for me to boost my savings. Ultimately 5-10 yrs down the road, I hope to amass enough to do what I like to do I.e my own dreams


my painting I did yesterday

Leaving you with something I saw during my recent BKK trip  

 let’s make that footstep today guys! 

2016 fashion trend

I love Bangkok, recently went there on a short getaway with hubby. I haven’t been there in years and it hasn’t change.

Things are cheap and yet quality is good. Personally I think it’s better than China.

You can see the latest trends all in one wholesale mall such as Platinum mall. So I thought of blogging one whole article about 2016 fashion trend but finally decided to just blog about my newfound love: culottes! πŸ™‚

I never liked to wear pants to work. It’s mainly one piece dresses for me or skirts. But when I was in Bangkok I couldn’t resist buying culottes. They look so chic. I never thought I can carry off the look as I am quite petite only 1.58 cm but it looks good and so comfortable to wear. Great look for office too and best part it only cost me 200 Baht !! πŸ™‚ 

There are several types the best is to get one over the knees, or longer version ending slightly above your ankles. Do not get one that ends exactly at the knees or you will risk looking like a 70s police officer 

And try to pair it with a fitting blouse for a more formal look, no baggy T-shirts or you will just drown in it.

For a casual look a cropped tee will work too. You know the saying that fashion recycles every 20 yr so the 90s is definitely back in a big way 😁

That’s all folks and talk more on other trends next time. 

The No-diet diet

I put on weight after taking my wedding photo-shoot and before my actual wedding, such that I look fatter on my actual day (faint). I am only thankful that I still look thin during my wedding photoshoot. It came as a wake up call when I found myself past 50kg and at the fattest stage of my life. So I resolved to go on a diet but I want to eat healthily not go on crash diets.

I chanced upon the no-diet diet. It’s relatively simple to keep to. You have a green meal – 200 calories, an amber meal- 400 calories and a red meal- 800 calories a day. You are supposed to cut out sugar drinks and just drink coffee or tea. Well cutting out sugar drinks is really difficult for me, but I try to keep to that calorie count. I downloaded my fitness pal app which have a huge store of all types of food and started the no-diet diet.

I usually eat my green meal in the morning, amber in afternoon and red at night. I know lots of people say we should eat our heaviest meal at breakfast and lightest meal at dinner, but somehow the other way round works for me too.

So I also apply some celebrity inch loss cream every morning though I don’t really feel that works so well and start to exercise more. I try to incorporate more walking in my daily routine. And I started following some simple exercise videos. My favorite is the one by Korean fitness celebrity ι„­ε€šη‡•. Her videos are really fun and easy to do and usually only 10 mins.

So after 3 months, I am quite happy that I have lost 2 kg. yay! I was watching a Japanese variety show on you tube the other and it talks about how important it is to build muscle. If you only diet and do some fat burning exercise, your muscles will shrink and you will turn into *gasp* the body type that put on weight easily (ζ˜“θƒ–ι«”θ³ͺοΌ‰ I don’t want that to happen man, so I am also concentrating on exercise that build up my muscle strength. I am ok if I start to weigh more, as we all know muscles are heavier than fats, but I definitely want my body fat to decrease.

The other day I come across Xndo meals which is only around 200 calories! I have yet to try it. The salesperson keep trying to sell me other stuff like the detox drink, which doesn’t really work for me and the healthy teh Tarik which cost half of the calories in normal teh. However the healthy version is just not mean for me, although it tastes fine.

Well till the next time, maybe I will do a short review of the Xndo meal. Yet to open and still lying on my office table.

Blessings, mid week approaching.

Chanel Wallet on Chain(WOC)

I haven’t blogged in a while, been very busy with work. There are times when I see people setting up their own fashion line and will feel a little wistful. These days, my sewing capabilities has dwindled to helping my hubby repair his clothes or make minor alterations for him.

However, seeing my bank account grow at a really fast rate made me feel that its still worth it. I may still go into fashion somehow in future, but right now I am just concentrating on saving for the renovation fund for our upcoming flat.

Having said that, I still went ahead to splurge on a chanel wallet on chain to reward myself for working so hard this past year. It felt like I have reached a milestone in my life, hence I am blogging about it. I have always been a big fan of Chanel, but never could bring myself to own a Chanel bag. After much researching, I decided to start with a wallet on chain, which is more affordable. I did toy with getting a pre-loved one vs a brand new one. However my sister said that the price difference is not much and I might as well go ahead to buy a brand new one.

It did help that Chanel has adjusted the prices worldwide, so I believe I am getting a slightly cheaper wallet on chain. There are many types of wallet on chain, with Classic lambskin, calfskin leather, patent and also boy channel wallet on chain.

After watching countless YouTube videos and reading lots of reviews, I decided to go for lambskin. The lambskin is harder to maintain, compared to calf skin as it dents easily. However I simply love the look and feel of a lambskin. I went to both outlets in Singapore and the black lambskin is sold out. They have the calf skin in stock but it just doesn’t feel right. 


black calfskin wallet on chain

My colleague happen to be going to UK, so I asked her if she can help me get the bag. I read that Heathrow airport is the best place to shop for Chanel due to the duty-free, resulting in one of the lowest prices worldwide. However, despite going 3 outlets in Europe, she was not able to find the black lambskin. So another month went by, until I went to Bangkok recently.

I tried going to a Chanel shop there, but the luxury stores close early at 8pm, so I didn’t managed to go.

To my delight, the Chanel outlet in airport has the black lambskin wallet on chain in stock, and I bought the last piece. I prefer the gold hardware one but it was sold just minutes before I enter the shop. Damn! Still I am happy with my silver hardware purchase, and it’s cheaper than Singapore, yay!


comes with the pretty camellia flower, Mademoiselle’s favorite, said to be given by her lover


Tied up prettily, almost couldn’t bear to unwrap it

I am so happy that mine comes with a dust bag still, as I read that many outlets have stopped giving dust bag for wallet on chains.

It comes with six credit card slots and can fit a handphone in it. The chain can be worn 4 ways either as a cross-body or clutch, have yet to use it yet.

That’s the end of this frivolous post. Till next time πŸ™‚

Musings of the day

The recent elections campaign in Singapore have generated a lot of hype. I wasn’t around in GE2011, was still working in Taipei but I can really feel the buzz in this election.

Much of the buzz is actually generated via the media. This led me to recall…

When I was young, there were no mobile phones, let alone Internet. People carried pagers. You have to find a payphone to return calls. Then I got my first alphanumeric pager with Sunpage. We all used to spend a lot of time at the payphone just trying to punch a message out. There were codes like 843 which stands for “BYE”


I used to have one of this! Do you all know what is this?

 then Nokia phones became the rage and everyone started playing “snake” on their mobile phones. 


Nokia over the years, I still think 8210/8250 is the most classic ever launched

The internet exploded and suddenly people across the globe become connected. You no longer need to write letters. You can use ICQ and IRC to talk to someone halfway around the world.

such nostalgia…

Then came Friendster and suddenly you have many friends that are not really your friends,.but even that was not as popular as facebook.


who still have a friendster account?

 I remembered reading that when newsfeed first launched, people complained it was an invasion in privacy. Nobody wanted to have their lives, what they did that day exposed to their friends. But soon you are hooked. You spend hours scrolling through just to see what others have liked, shared etc. (I am guilty of this)

iPhone, Samsung become the smartphone and it forms very much part of your life and maybe you become more 24/7 for work too, if your personal phone becomes your work phone. I had messages from customer while I’m having dinner or seeing a doctor. I find myself reading emails late at night and when I wake up in the morning. You are “online” all the time and hardly offline. And when you are offline, maybe you feel withdrawal symptoms. 

The younger generation start to use Instagram, Twitter since they feel their parents are using facebook to stalk them. But it’s still the same, a lot of time is whiled away scrolling pictures, tweets, videos. 

From Gen X to Gen Y to the new millenials, every generation, we just want things faster, more instant gratification due to the advances in technology. 

People’s emotions get stirred very easily as reading messages online has no tone and you add whatever tone to it depending on your mood at that time.

Sometimes we hit the send button before even thinking whether what we write or post is right. 

I have seen so many instances where the ‘keyboard warriors’ start to have long arguments. There’s social lynching. 

We see something indignant and we post, or we stomp. We see a pretty face in NDP and it sparked an online massive hunt for the mystery lady. Comments were all positive until we learned she is a foreigner and suddenly ppl change their tune. It’s amazing how fast people switch sides, probably a by-product of this fast generation. We like to think we are self righteous, yet it bears close to ridiculous when we see someone being bullied in public and many first instinct is to whip out the phone and video.

Because of the high connectivity and the power that social media holds, people start to focus on digital marketing. This is used in all areas, from e-commerce, to politics to promoting your cause/rights. And people become easily influenced too. Sometimes you notice a trend where one simple comment in the forum such as the recent “Is SXL the new candidate a PRC?” (she is Singaporean born and bred btw) and various ppl just start posting and commenting and then the die is cast.

The social media is a scary and powerful propaganda tool. It’s scary because of how easy, deceptively simple and fast it is. In the past, we have to write and send things out via email or post on a computer. It’s way much slower, but maybe due to its slowness, it actually gives you time to stop, pause and reflect if what you are writing makes sense. Right now, half the type I reply emails or surf the net and fb on my mobile phone and sometimes I do make embarrassing mistakes.

 I think we should do due diligence to use technology wisely and not let it control us. 

Remember whatever you do or post or write online, even Whatsapp, it almost always leaves a digital footprint and you never know when it will come back to haunt you one day.

Many articles and videos posted on the Internet may not be true. I hope if you have time, do your own research, read from as many sources as you can before you form your own conclusions. Our vote is precious and will make a difference in shaping Singapore’s future. I personally will vote for a candidate that I believe can do the job and will enable Singapore to have the next SG100.

Don’t be swayed by emotions. Don’t oppose for the sake of opposing. Vote if you believe that party can bring about the results you want. For me, I studied the opposition parties manifesto and took time to discern and review whether their proposals are sound. Then I compare it with the existing government and see if change is suitable for me at this time or I am happy with what my government has done for me. I also downloaded annual reports of town councils and did my own research, as there are so many conflicting voices out there. . 

Singapore has come a long way since when I was a child. I have seen the Singapore skyline change. The older generation would have seen even more changes.

I am proud to be a citizen of this country and I hope that we will have many more 50 years to come. 

DIY Ang Pow Box

I haven’t been posting much, as I have been busy with my upcoming wedding preparations and ferrying my dad to and fro hospital. The doctor has stated that he is incurable, thus the chemotherapy treatment is just to prolong his life. Hopefully, he will live to see my children. Anyway, it just reinforces my belief to not let each day go to waste and always treasure your loved ones.

Anyway since it’s the SG 50 long weekend, I finally have some time and I decide to DIY my ang pow box. It is expensive to purchase one, honestly anything with a wedding tag just automatically increases the price somehow.

First find a suitable box with a lid. You can buy a nice box from Daiso, but I decided to recycle my bridal shoe box.


Next make a slit in the lid of the shoe box

  Then I managed to find some scrap cloth to wrap the box up. Alternatively you can find some nice wrapping paper.

  I used double sided tape to secure the cloth in place. Then I used some leftover tulle to make a rosette. You can check out the link here . And lastly I took a ribbon bow and decorated it with flowers and Viola!

Easily done! πŸ™‚

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