6 days to the competition

I am down to my final 6 days and left with my third garment to sew. I decided to use draping technique instead for the final garment. I love draping. It allows me to figure out a garment really fast, whereas if I draft I have to kind of think to translate 3D in 2D.

So in a short span of time I managed to cut the desired shape of my garment. 

pardon the really wrinkly fabric, didnt iron it

It’s a nice off shoulder design and something new, as I have never sewn an off shoulder design before. I will still have to “true” the pattern and translate it to a paper pattern. This is the piece where I had so much trouble finding the rayon fabric. I most probably will substitute it with another rayon fabric. Spotlight, thank God was having a sale the other day and I grabbed the rayon fabric, but will still try out the drape etc before deciding. I am still considering whether to overlock the fabric for this garment, but this means traveling to town to my friend’s parents shop, since I don’t own an overlocking machine or just use other methods instead. For my second garment, I researched and use a simple finish taught on the web 

However, with the final piece I may not use such wide seams, thus I may travel later to town after all. I did consider whether to invest in an overlocking machine, but it seems a splurge currently as I don’t sew so often. 

The organizer just notified me that they are not having models for the pre-judging and there will be another fitting session prior to the fashion show. It got me abit concerned, as I am starting my new job in 2 weeks time and I won’t be get any leave. Fingers crossed that the fitting will be after office hours or on a weekend.. 

Oh well, I better hurry back to sewing! 6 days more to go!!


Back to Draping ^^

I must confess I actually wrote this blog post last month and I couldn’t publish it earlier as I have exceeded my data plan for last month, I wonder if anyone else faces this problem. I never seem to exceed when I was on iPhone 4 and of course my old plan of 12Gb. Now I’m surviving on 3G network and a paltry 3Gb data every month.call me a tech dinosaur, but I don’t have wifi at home.

Anyway, enough of my data rant, back to sewing! 🙂 

I am determined to continue sewing even after going back to the corporate world, so this morning I pushed through and continued with my draping. I mentioned the cowl skirt in my earlier post and was toying with the idea of turning it into a one piece, as I wear dresses more than skirts. Much thought was placed into the fabric. I wanted something not too casual, as I will still love to wear it to work but yet not too formal that it loses the fun drapey feel of it.

I initially wanted to do a toile, but lazy me decide to forgo it and drape directly on the mannequin with the actual fabric. I am glad I did that. I still have leftover lovely purple viscose fabric that I got in a sale in expensive Chinatown, so I used that. Why I am glad I didn’t do a toile, is that by right you have to find another fabric that is of the same weight as your fabric. However, initially I wanted to use the white sheeting cotton for the toile. And after using the actual fabric, I realized how very different it would have been if I have used the sheeting cotton for the toile.
Still, I will find a day to true the actual pattern from the drape pattern I had from my La Salle short course. The final result is something I love a lot. I like the length and especially the back. Still thinking about the zip placement. I know I should have fixed all these prior to draping, but I got caught with just moving with the fabric. There’s a little concern about the pleats at the waist area. I followed what I learned during draping class in La Salle, but now I wonder if it will add bulk to my waist with the numerous pleats? 

The front with the many pleats at the side, wonder if it adds bulk to the waist

The front portion, I initially wanted to do a centre seam but planning to change it to one with a slight overlap as I think that looks much nicer. But as I have limited fabric I may still end up with a centre seam eventually, as I have to do a self- fabric lining if I overlap, will try to sort it out as I go along..
By right I should do the lining piece first, from my past experience in the short course in Taipei (How I missed that school) but as I was concerned about my fabric, and wanted to get a feel of how it will turn out. Thus I went ahead with the actual design first. It still lacks the bodice and I am going to do horizontal stripes for that. Will continue to update this project as I go along 🙂

The lovely back, still trying to figure out the zip placement, its probably gonna be centre back as I’m creating pockets at the side for this cowl skirt

It’s still a work in progress and what do you guys think? Please feel free to leave a comment. 😊

Draping again ^^

It’s been really hectic lifestyle going back to the corporate world. The first two months have been trying to adapt back to the work tempo and the industry since its been more than a year since I left it and several changes since then. It didn’t help that the role at my new job involves dealing with several time zones, so I find myself replying to emails as late as 11pm or midnight. However I was determined to set aside time for sewing and improving my fashion techniques, as I promised to myself earlier.

Prior to starting my job, I had a one week break where I finally got to complete sewing my wool lined Jacket. Really happy with the accomplishment. I took pictures and wanted to blog about it and then was flooded once my new job started and never got round to it. I shall post that at another time.

Today is part of the Easter break and grateful that there is a long weekend, where I finally get to rest and what better time to pick up my draping again? I chose to work on the cowl skirt. I actually had the draped pattern back from a draping course I did with La Salle ard 2 years back and always wanted to sew up the garment.

Took me a while to recall the method and pin it back on the dress form. This dress form is more to my size, so it’s slightly bigger than the one I used in La Salle but still managed to somehow fit it. 


my messy shelf is exposed

I need to translate it to a paper pattern, but somehow I’m not satisfied with the overall shape. It looks a bit different from the one I did at La Salle. I couldn’t find the picture I took then, so I can’t compare it with the original. If you all have any ideas on how to improve the cowl skirt, please feel free to leave me a comment.  As the shape look abit off, I am now thinking maybe I should do up a toile, and can play around with placement of zip and also whether to have a slight flare near the skirt bottom. 

I will have to go and purchase more sheeting cotton for the toile. Will post again, when I have done it up. 

I am glad today I carve time out to do this. Draping and working with fabrics really relaxes me. Going back to the corporate world, though it gave me a boost to my much needed finances, has been really stressful at the beginning. Now into my second month, things are better. I am very grateful that my new boss has been very encouraging and colleagues are helpful and nice. Thus even though the work load is heavy, the office environment does help to make a difference. 

With the career switch, albeit short, I learnt that what you perceive as your passion may not be a dream job in reality. Especially when Singapore has the highest cost of living in the world. I was surprised to learn that in a recent study, our groceries are 11% more expensive than New York!  It sucks being broke for the past year, and it actually took me 2 months into this job to started feeling more comfortable about shopping and spending again. Maybe my passion is not strong or fervent enough that I can be like those struggling artists on the streets. But at the end of the day, I guess I have to be realistic too. Just like Steve Jobs whose passion is in new age living, if he had pursue that, he may be a guru now and not enjoy the kind of successes that he had at Apple. Would he be happier? I don’t know. 

Still, I have tacked a notepaper on my bookshelf reminding me of my eventual dream. One day, I still dream of having a small bespoke studio to do my dresses, gowns and all and selling interesting knick knacks. (Though my fiancé often reminds me such a business will be a losing money venture, but if I’m financially free, then it won’t matter rite? ;p) But now, I will take it one step at a time. Build up my finances and skills then make plans. Maybe reading the book “So good they can’t ignore you” changed my perspective. Prior to that, I always thought I should quit my job and pursue my passion. That’s what a lot of media tells us today; find your dream job and you won’t feel like you are working etc.. But I think they left out the part where if your dream job doesn’t pay much and you are struggling to make ends meet, it actually adds a lot to the stress of making the career switch and also in turn starts affecting the relationships around you. 

Thus my current goal is to focus on improving my techniques and actively seek feedback from people. I started offering to help people do alterations ( most of the time is for my immediate family, they can’t fault me much if I make mistakes :p) but recently, I just did one for my close friend, and boy, was I nervous. It’s a jersey material not exactly the easiest fabric to sew and I am glad everything turned out ok and my Friend is really encouraging, will be passing her the garment tmr and getting her comments on it. 

I am ending off with a pic of my jacket with cowl skirt. My fiancé actually commented the Jacket sleeves are too big, so he doesn’t like it, will post more about my sewing experience of this jacket in the next blog. 


Jacket looks weird paired with cowl skirt

~Enjoying life adventures, living a day at a time in His plan ~

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