Finally accomplished

Today is the day of the fashion competition. I really regretted tweaking so much on the dress with puckering, as the more I did the worse it got. In the end, it almost couldn’t fit the model, as it became too tight. Nearly had a mini heart attack when one of the models went MIA and remained uncontactable. The organizer had to scramble to find another replacement model who arrived 2 hours before the show and didn’t get to rehearse at all. 

Luckily the dress that the model was supposed to wear is a loose fitting one and fitted the replacement model still.

Here are the pictures. I didn’t win but I am really happy to have this experience. It really pushed me to create outfits in a short span of time.

it became so tight and puckered way badly

with my favorite model and look

Hope this will spur me to sew more and continue to polish my skills.


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